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Things over on Metacritic seem to be a little off. Let’s Discuss if what Metacritic is doing makes sense or not.

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45 comentarios

  1. TheWritingIsOnTheWallReviewTechUSA

  2. nate joe dice:

    I don't care I still like my Xbox Xbox is the best box

  3. nate joe dice:

    The control feels better

  4. nate joe dice:

    Achievements sounds satisfying when you get them

  5. nate joe dice:

    I had a PlayStation 3 I brought it off of a crackhead they only wanted $50

  6. nate joe dice:

    I didn't like the achievements I think the achievements suck

  7. nate joe dice:

    At first when I got a PlayStation 3 I was like okay and then when I really got the achievements I'm like this is not satisfying to get it doesn't have that strong sound like Xbox achievements does

  8. nate joe dice:

    And the thing is I was a PlayStation fan I didn't even try out the first Xbox so much later

  9. nate joe dice:

    And it's not because it is game War it's just my opinion

  10. nate joe dice:

    I brought a PlayStation 3 I couldn't stand it

  11. nate joe dice:

    One the achievements pop doing the PlayStation I was playing it it didn't so satisfying I was like okay a bronze trophy silver Trophy and what wood is it a gold trophy the Platinum being rare it just wasn't exciting you like I'm good I sold it for $100

  12. nate joe dice:

    Ashley people realize Microsoft owns the PC market soda putting their games on their store so really it is exclusive

  13. nate joe dice:

    Microsoft did not start out making games they did computers first

  14. nate joe dice:

    One PlayStation grown PlayStation 2 that's one Xbox came out

  15. nate joe dice:

    I don't even have a Xbox and a PlayStation 2 Xbox coming out with too many sports games water commercials I'm like that's too many sports games I'm not even into sport games I had a choice that's why won't the PlayStation 2

  16. nate joe dice:

    PlayStation have more adventure games in a little bit

  17. nate joe dice:

    And then that's when Xbox start coming out with their adventure games and stuff like that but it was Christmas and I had a choice in the early 2000s there a Xbox or Playstation 2

  18. nate joe dice:

    How's it going to every single commercial Xbox just showing too many sports games I'm right I'm not even into that

  19. nate joe dice:

    So I went with a PlayStation 2

  20. nate joe dice:

    My point being even though the exclusives is going to computer and still an exclusive Marshall just don't do gaming Dennis PC first

  21. nate joe dice:

    At first I was Microsoft bread-and-butter was the online feature that's all we did was computers they probably had other products out there but I'm not thinking about that right now

  22. July Jaziel dice:

    Yeah, no. I have to side with MetaCritic, if it's not truly exclusive to a system then it can't carry that title. Xbox is quickly becoming like a Diet Steam. They'd rather sell other people's games than make their own. They should just throw in the towel and become a Windows based storefront and brand the Xbox as a living room PC which is basically what it's already turning into.

  23. Kurigosh dice:

    well, microsoft can just f off, i'm sticking with my soulja game FUSE! 4k 16 bit gameplay baby!!

  24. Rick B dice:

    I always had PlayStation, now I want a PC. Couldn't care less about Microsoft inferior exclusives and Nintendo cartoonie 40 year old franchises.

  25. people buy consoles becouse its simple thats thare failing!

  26. Tantani dice:

    In terms of numbers, they will finally fight on an equal ground with Sony (13 game studios for Microsoft vs the 14 of Sony)
    In terms of actual games, their 6 existing studios didn’t prove their worth this gen:
    “Microsoft casual games” is non factor of course

    “Mojang” are only doing Minecraft (and few minor games, only 1 of them was for the Xbox), which is doing great for Microsoft for sure, but not helping Xbox since it is on every existing platform)

    343 Industries: is only doing Halo, which is great, I guess they earned their place

    Rare- “sea of thieves”, no need to say anything more lol

    The Coalition- gears of war, earned their place

    Turn 10 Studios- Forza motorsport and helping with Forza horizon, I am not big on racing games, but fine, they earned it lol

    From their 7 new studios we got
    Playground games: Forza horizon only, they already only created exclusives for Xbox so it doesn’t matter much

    And I guess more that are similar to that, so idk how much will it actually help them in term of exclusives

  27. Metacritic didn't count games on Switch and PC pairs only as exclusive to Switch or the same with Playstation. Why should the goal post be moved for Xbox?

  28. James Corey dice:

    Xbox hadn't had a major AAA exclusive since they launched the Xbox One X. I call Sea of Thieves more of a AA budget game when you look at the graphics.
    And since all games of Xbox are on PC…. Technically no exclusives.

  29. well they are right technically they would only be console exclusives not complete exclusives if they are available on pc too

  30. Titan12 dice:

    What exclusives?🤣

  31. Johno Daz dice:

    Excellent video Rich. Microsoft i feel are in trouble next Gen, i could be totally wrong but i don't think the Discless Streaming Box will make a dent and they don't seem too have the 1st Party Games appeal either outside of fans and if the PS5 is backup compatible with PS4 Games then all people that owns a PS4 can just get a PS5 continuing playing their PS4 Games as well as new PS5 Games, it's gonna be tough for Microsoft too persuade existing Casual Sony owners too buy the next Xbox Console but i have no doubt Microsoft will come out swinging tho.

  32. Ps4 party chat online
    xbox one party chat office
    😂🤣 lol

  33. David Adams dice:

    The term EXCLUSIVE:
    "restricted to the person, group, or area concerned"…sorry XBOX 😂

  34. Noah K dice:

    Am I the only one who found his statement about Microsoft should claim RDR2 as an exclusive because of resolution to be retarded?!?!?😒

  35. Balta Bueno dice:

    Microsoft had a lot of luck this gen because Nintendo didn't release the Switch a year or two sooner.

  36. Sam Oslich dice:

    You are 100% very wrong about the whole "Xbox play anywhere is a technicality". If a game is part of the play anywhere program, which every Microsoft developed title has been since the program was launched, THEN IT IS NOT EXCLUSIVE. THE GAME ISN'T BEING STREAMED TO PC, THERE IS A PC VERSION OF THE GAME DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY TO BE PLAYED ON A PC AND YOU CAN BUY SAID PC VERSION WITHOUT BUYING THE XBOX ONE VERSION FIRST. So your argument is 100% invalid. Forza Horizon 4 is not an Xbox One exclusive period. It is a CONSOLE exclusive, but it is not an XBOX ONE exclusive. There's a monumental difference between the two and that's the sole reason why the Xbone crashed and burned this generation.

  37. Forza Horizon 4 come on now

  38. Rev dice:

    Sorry i'm not missing. Spider-man 2, God of War 2, Horizon 2, etc. etc. etc. for a bunch of studios i'm not sure can make good games, Microsoft.

  39. Marcus K dice:

    Almost everything original that MS has developed themselves, including Halo, Gears, Fable, Kinect and Hololens, seems to have more or less died. Forza is still alive but that's a copy of Gran Turismo. Now all that's left for MS to do is to imitate Playstation the best they can. They're trying to become Playstation by buying up studios and hiring people away from the Playstation ecosystem.

  40. Alby Nano dice:

    May sound strange but I miss the times when I start thinking I gotta buy Uncharted and GoW both are good and I NEED to play both.

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