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World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap – Xbox One Release Trailer

Posted by @Juegos on marzo - 15 - 2019

Check out World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap now out on Xbox One.

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29 comentarios

  1. R M dice:

    This is a pretty good tower defense game! Lol at people comparing it to diablo.

  2. EnclosureHD dice:

    Xbox scorpio 30FPS stable.

  3. Crash Gaming dice:

    Can not wait to buy an Xbox One just for this game!!!!!

  4. Xbox starting 2017 strong 😂😂😂😂

  5. I swear to god every game Microsoft tries to pass off as an exclusive is just another third party game. If it's on a different platform it's not exclusive that's not what exclusivity is Microsoft. At this point people might as well just get a fucking PC over your system. There is nothing worth getting an Xbox one for if everything that's on it is also on PC.

  6. John Smith dice:

    I don't know – when I hear Van Helsing the last thing that comes to mind is tower defence

  7. Bole ZG dice:

    Stop the nonsense..Do not like pc,ps4,xbox fanboys they are ignorant.If u dislike game just because is on system that you do not own,does not mean that is bad game.Same when someone dislike last of us pt2,spiderman or god of war 4 just because they are on ps4.

  8. Kevin Singh dice:

    lmao looks garbage. While ps4 get f2p games like paragon xbox gets this, petty

  9. A tower defense with a character to upgrades this game is pretty awesome i played it already

  10. Didn't even download the game

  11. People making fun of Xbox One for having this, didn't see PlayStation Fanboys laughing when Xbox got Red Dead Redemption on backwards compatible

  12. Well even if it sucks you get it free if you have XBL Gold so at least you didn't pay for it

  13. overlordx05 dice:

    Its actually pretty good, give it a try

  14. I wasn't a fan. It was free so I downloaded it and uninstalled within 5 mins

    Edit: Diablo III was awesome. I don't think it's very similar, but I see people comparing it to it

  15. Flip Hert dice:

    Ps1 Kagero Deception is much better then this😂

  16. Pat Thomas dice:

    i dont get it. this game is games with gold on release date. did they make this game just for games with gold by a low budget team to save money and give us something people would never pay for?

  17. Markobie dice:

    Fu*k this game in particular

  18. the original Van Helsing got few missions involved tower defense..

    I guessed they took few of tht missions..and expanded it..making it full game on its own…

  19. Mr Ramirez dice:


  20. damn this is based off the one on steam ive played since the first one lol wow thats nuts its made its way to a console nice to see an indie dev develop its ability to appeal to the masses and get their content out there over the years, i still want the final cut edition but i already picked up enough games over the holidays. Ive just acquired the witcher3 goty havent played it till now its pretty fun. But man i wish i was already an xbox owner i would have probably drug my friends into this TD lol we like co-op games like this throws me back to the gauntlet days

  21. stop making these bullshit games

  22. Josh Miguel dice:

    Xboners wont play this they only play shooters like cod and battlefield and pvz and some racing simulator and sports games on the side

  23. Another stupid tower defense game from Microsoft. That's like the 10th one or more for the Gold program. I'm starting to envy the Playstation Plus program. The 360 selections were weak this month also. Rayman and The Cave wow.

  24. Rudolf Walch dice:

    does anyone know the Name of the song? very cool Music!

  25. supahtyp dice:

    Nobody plays that shit. Even the easiest and fastest achievements where unlocked by 1-5% of people who played it.

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