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ULTIMATE Fortnite RAGE Compilation #6

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The best fortnite rages from big fortnite streamers and youtubers. Mostly from the past month. Ninja, Daequan and the king of rage Dellor are some of the stand outs featured in this video.

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46 comentarios

  1. KeRiK dice:


  2. 5:48

  3. Xeckzo dice:

    This rage indicates that they have anger issues

  4. Is fortnite the most cancerous game right now xD?>

  5. Why do they rage when they won

  6. macho nachos dice:

    Its just a game like jesus,

    IF U BREAK UR COMPUTER! what will u play with now?

  7. FritZ GaMinG dice:

    Et thekairy78 il est où bande de fdp de vos races ?

  8. I Will nerver let Dellor play on my PS4XDXDXD

  9. Ian Baena dice:

    I am 100% sure these guys only do it for the money and they are as inmature as a 5 year old kid. Not Daequan though he does it chilled.
    Dellor is just an idiot as just like that bald guy with beard. Those 2 are the most cry baby streamers I have ever seen.

  10. 1:01 when someone steals your hot pocket

  11. Am i the only one who noticed the body pillows in the back at 0:23?

  12. IIMAXXAMII dice:

    What a trash game 11:40 every bullet doesnt exist

  13. Jared G. dice:

    At least Dae took it well, these other guys need to chill.

  14. T.A.S dice:

    why are autistic people playing fortnite and screaming in my recommended section?

  15. GANGST dice:

    Alright time to go into spongebob ytp logic. Whenever someone slams their keyboard on anything, bangs on their desk, throws their headset on to the ground, etc, this happens

  16. Lindsey dice:

    I like how all the pro streamers handle rage in a good non destroying spree way then these guys probably spend 99% of all there money replacing there keyboards and computer mice while kahumflaling and keep yelling bro

  17. I'm glad I hate this game and don't ever play it. People these days are WAY to high strung.

  18. Do these people have no life? What the f@#$ do they do ?! Yeah let's see who is wrong when i don't have faith in humanity. Oh, by the way this is VERY fun…😄

  19. It’s scientifically proven swearing makes your shitty game controller not shitty


  21. Wasabee -mix dice:

    i hope the guy at 1:30 gets a heart attack and dies very slowly and his family all cry to death as they die really slowly and painfully

  22. Imagine If Lyndon FPS and dellor makes a duo…

  23. i wonder how many keyboards that kid Dellor has gone through

  24. Hexion Gamer dice:

    All I have to say to Frontnite players that rage is: It’s only game. Why do you have to be mad? 😂 I used to play Frontnite but not anymore

  25. Vacant 4 dice:

    i love how 90% of time these guys die its because the the guy that killed him was trash haha

  26. WoLfL3gend dice:

    This is sad, adults screaming and raging like 12 year olds… Depressing and why I don't play this game 🙄

  27. The should be a warning for earape lol

  28. Also the sure hate the equipment lol

  29. This is the whole reason I don't play Fortnite.

  30. mini gamer dice:

    This is how d-day was like back 6:46

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