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Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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25 comentarios

  1. TheTrollYoda dice:

    I made this compilation of the latest MCU movies for the people that look forward to the upcoming “Captain marvel”, “Avengers end game” and “Spider-man far from home”


  2. Everyone that plays fortnite if u but stuff and Vikk as supporter to help raise money

  3. TTD- Silent dice:

    Why does vik look like a grimline when he plays

  4. I rate it café out of cave, only true fans remember

  5. Milky Way dice:

    g o i n g

    g o i n g

    g o n e

  6. Yaboy Ellis dice:

    I love the titanic I am going to like my own comment cause no one else will

  7. Joey Sauce dice:

    What’s the itemshop today??

  8. Gsus Xiong dice:

    Shave yo mustache dud3

  9. Santi Torres dice:

    Alex: I don’t speak Italian

  10. Santi Torres dice:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    My heart is dead
    I’m such a fool
    Why did I play PUBG instead of Fortnite

  11. Milesbtw dice:

    I literally only clicked on this for the t pose joke

  12. Vik parkouring like a god

  13. I am addicted to slope game Lucas Wilde! Once you play one round, its impossible not to play more!

  14. This is a disrespect to one of the most tragic moments in history and you decide to laugh about it

  15. PJFIFA dice:

    What is the map code?

  16. Any1 know the code to this map

  17. BoltAction dice:

    vic can u play more rainbow six siege

  18. You should watch fresh’s stream

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