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This is How Season 9 Changed Fortnite..

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Nickmercs Fortnite season 9 changes changed high kill games random fill squad funny neo tilted towers
#Nickmercs #Fortnite #MFAM

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►Justice Skolnik – Glow (ft. Jeremy Zucker)


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43 comentarios

  1. incomingf5 dice:

    what mic does nickolas have.

  2. this is the reason i dont play with other peops. im more than likely worse than P3 and cant let peops be carrying me like that.. Nick is by far my fav fortnite player

  3. These random squads vids are really good!

  4. Perez Andrew dice:

    Just dropped my first 20 bomb on mobile hotspot on console

  5. Dan Thomas dice:

    Nick questioning why non-pros aren’t as successful as him, a pro, at the game…? Cant seem to think of a reason why a pro might be better than a non-pro? But I guess pro’s get luckier than non-pros? Or maybe pros just pro more? I don’t know I’m not a pro

  6. I played every season except this one

  7. Tainshey113 dice:

    Both of yall are welcome as fuck btw 😂😂 that was a hard carry 😂

  8. Both of them better be thankful!! LOOK AT THAT SHIT!!!!

  9. The P in P3 probably stands for Ping

  10. the skin he's using is quite hot

  11. Rory Tv dice:

    “ both of you are welcome as fuck by the way” 😂😂😂👌

  12. Notta dice:

    Good on you for getting some kids their first win!

  13. Karl Rippe dice:

    I haven't watched fortnite in awhile but nick has gotten on point with the snipers

  14. Obed dice:

    i don't even play this game anymore but i still gotta stop by and watch a vid. More of a fan of nick than the game

  15. Todd ZiLLa dice:

    GG. I like you because you dont build for no reason and try to build battle everyone. And still get 20+ kills

    GG boss

  16. Winning comment was 🔥🗣🤣

  17. Canna Gaming dice:

    I shoulda stuck with playing video games as a kid instead of growing up and getting a job building houses

  18. These random fill videos are the best

  19. OKAY dice:

    "I'm not getting em up… you get em up I can't do it anymore" dead

  20. tylor Franks dice:

    They should have made a game mode called Futuristic, instead of demolishing their map and game.

  21. Love that ending…..BOTH OF YOU ARE AS WELCOME AS F

  22. RC Talent dice:

    You know how to build down

  23. B lang dice:

    when did nick get so much better with the sniper like

  24. Kizor dice:

    lmao, NICK, MY KNEES WEAK!

  25. Jacob Ross dice:

    This game is fucking gay and riddled with prepubescent kids can’t believe people still play this pile of shit .. apex ftw

  26. C T dice:

    absolute savage as usual!

  27. NICKMERCS dice:

    Hey guys just started up the stream and it's gonna be a long night of Fortnite lets get this family!

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