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This Fortnite PRISON ESCAPE PARKOUR almost made him RAGE QUIT! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

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This Fortnite PRISON ESCAPE PARKOUR almost made him RAGE QUIT! (Fortnite Creative Mode) w/ Preston

You guys did it! 1.5k Likes on today’s earlier video so here is video #2! GG

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Map –
Code – 9315-9886-0823
Preston –


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47 comentarios

  1. Jorge da God dice:

    Can I get a shoutout subscribe to jorge da god plz get me to 1k

  2. Aimee 18 dice:

    I posted on my snap to use code NVKENWORTH in the shop xD

  3. Kyle Graff dice:

    No prison can contain the TBNR squad huh? Challenge accepted!

  4. Hopefully not as many deaths as the last video….

  5. I made a sick racetrack in creative…. but I can’t publish it. Is there a way you could help me? And or try out my world. my epic name is CloutLordz21!!!!!!

  6. Amit Gosine dice:

    Your videos with preston r always so funny, plz do more 🤣

  7. Where’s the code. U didn’t put it up this time

  8. VRY Acid dice:

    I thought Preston was good at parkour

  9. Amit Gosine dice:

    Half of the video is preston failing with traps

  10. TJ4LIFE 127 dice:

    The video starts at 0:00 u can thank me later

  11. I like kenny's camera angle like if you agree

  12. Aimee 18 dice:

    Preston is literally me in parkour maps in fortnite

  13. You deserve way more subs than thsi

  14. I have a problem with staying up and ur the reason I do it. I love u dad

  15. TP imoorzy dice:

    50% of this vid is preston trying to impulse through a door

  16. skye graeber dice:

    Anyone notice that that room in level 6 is off American guy

  17. magic Too dice:

    Preston was good at minecraft parcore but Kenny is better at fortnite parcore like if you argee. 😀

  18. Thanks for another sick video. USE CODE NVKENWORTH IN TYE ITEM SHOP

  19. I love your videos you’re my favorite

  20. Can u plz not play w/ Preston any more he sucks at creative maps

  21. Kiwizxy dice:

    I ENJOY YOUR VIDEOS SOOOO MUCH pin me if you read this KENNY ❤️❤️

  22. PUNIKS PLAYZ dice:

    16:27 an oFISHal phone call 😂😂😂

  23. yo will you add me on snap it wont let me search u

  24. 8:38 you should close the door when he almost does it

  25. Manal Labib dice:


  26. BIG RED dice:

    You can finish this map in like 30 seconds, just hop onto the left fence at the start and walk along it to the finish. lol.

  27. OpK1TV 1 dice:

    pls can you not wait for anyone when you are doing a parkour vid pls its annoying waiting

  28. James Howard dice:

    I think I gained at least a pound of muscle laughing at Preston fail the 122 trap.

  29. Nice video bro, i also upload video's, i make youtube gaming montages

  30. What if you knew, that to escape, you just had to hit escape, back to creative hub, and confirm…

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