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The New Tactical Assault Rifle in Fortnite..

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Fortnite «Tactcical ASSAULT RIFLE» in Fortnite Season 9. The New Tactical AR is here, the new update to release tomorrow with new John Wick Challenges!

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43 comentarios

  1. Jezzie dice:

    I hope that once the LTM for John wick is over the combat shotgun gets removed a few days later because the pump is where it’s all at coach

  2. Max Wood dice:

    i haven’t even played fortnite season 9 it actually worth giving it a go? they took out the pump and i was like naw wtf

  3. My username is anonymouz_GUY

  4. It’s technically a pistol rifle or a a pistol caliber carbine depending on the length of the barrel if it shoots small amo witch that’s would be referring to some kind of a typical pistol round like 9mm

  5. Keemo Kanai dice:

    Hey Hollow, my epic games username is isld_warrior

  6. Hey Hallow my username is ELJunior805

  7. rAiDeR2TKC dice:

    Hell YEA! John Wick is badass, can't wait to see the third one

  8. EliteHisname dice:

    Hey Hollow, my Epic Games username is VoidHisname_YT

  9. im gonna be so mad if its just a scoped ar reskin

  10. I LOVE the combat shotgun ❤️

  11. Cruel AceIV dice:

    My epic games name is CruelAceIV

    use code hollowolloh btw

  12. Warcry 0014 dice:

    We better be getting some John Wick rewards for these challenges

  13. Don’t forget to use code: Hollowolloh for any new skins coming up! Support our boi

  14. Hamster556 dice:

    I hope they bring the skin to the item shop

  15. ZaRkYhZ-_- - dice:

    So…Epic destroyed their game because of a fucking promotion

  16. Devi_ Core dice:

    you should get sponsored by keanu reeves

  17. My only s3 skin is the 1st starter pack

  18. I really want a back to the future event as we have hot ride a doc and marty skin would be lit

  19. Wassup Hollow boi, my epic games username is itsmejefff… keep up the good work with the vids, pls do a whole gameplay only vid soon😂😀

  20. OC Caveman dice:

    They better not fucking bring The Reaper skin in the shop if they do im done with Epic cuz that ws the first battle pass i bought and would he fucking pissed if they make him available in the shop, and no idc about OG styles this is bullshit cuz Battle Pass items are exclusive

  21. Ice scull dice:

    Hollow my epic games username is ali_zmaj_bih595 ps4 ali_zmaj_bih505

  22. Danuta Zuk dice:

    I got so many v bux just by using: always works for me

  23. Horizon . YT dice:

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooool

  24. Could there be a John wick event?

  25. Tre Keefer dice:

    Haven’t played Fortnite since the start of Season 9 and I honestly don’t miss it 😊.

  26. Monkey Boy dice:

    Fingers crossed they rerelease the skin. Season 3 was my first season, so I didn’t manage to get to Tier 100.

  27. I asked for this gun to come to the game last month (season 8 ) i emailed epic games boom

  28. May 17th is in a Friday not Thursday

  29. Pchen123 dice:

    You will have higher than 60 FPS

    Like to activate

  30. Xfry * dice:

    Love that u dont have to make 10mins real quality content

  31. YOU: that tomorrow
    MYSELF: today

  32. Minzi Legit dice:

    And i don't have that skin. does waterworks emote

  33. My epic username is CENZLY_DOMICAL

  34. “What’s next?”

    “I need something robust. Precise.”

    “Robust… precise…”

    “AR15. 11.5 inch, compensated with an ion-bonded bolt carrier, Trijicon accupoint with 1-6 magnification.”

  35. Evil Hutdug dice:

    Whats next John wick gonna kill 3 ppl with an eraser?

  36. black wolf dice:

    Wym no one knew about John Wick till the skin came out. Fortnite ain't that popular buddy, chech yourself.

  37. Hollow dice:

    Expect Some John Wick Challenges :O

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