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39 comentarios

  1. So league of legends is just the worst type of game

  2. jpmoo dice:

    Can you please do more videos about board games.

  3. I have to say, a lot of these concepts are especially helpful when it comes to designing stories for games and DnD (On a fundamental standpoint, they are incredibly similar, only that DnD is more open to possible outcomes, that you'll be planning moments rather than entire runs.) especially when it comes to writing their stories, and as well as outcomes to those choices, I'm hoping I could execute what I've learned here well enough. Oh, and thank you for covering this particular topic!

  4. marwinout dice:

    The 119 people who disliked this are unimaginative twits who cant read words more than 5 letters

  5. I ask then how this combines with like Rogue Likes or "Hardcore" runs in games. I often find a continuing build up with stress and relief when I die.

  6. The Catharsis of Dying – Inducing Emotionally Intense Experiences

  7. Bolloggfisch dice:

    Not related to this video, but could you mention GRIS in the next episode of games you might not have heard of, or even in some other regular episode, such as about (artistic) games with very little gameplay, art in games and games as art, stuff like that!

  8. Wait.. how does water cry?

    its a joke idiot

  9. “You don’t use the same password everywhere, right?” Um…

  10. That was a really good episode, makes you think

  11. Lazarus056 dice:

    2:04 Oh hey, Humanized Aggretsuko!

  12. Evilkritter dice:

    That outro ad-spot is a prelude to a man swimming in coffee.

  13. who noticed Asriel from UnderTale…? like and comment UNDERTALE FANDOM. If u did.

  14. Red Zebra dice:

    I would really like to learn how to implement cathartic releases in the game so that people always have an opportunity to let go of the built up negativity from losing or making punished choices.

  15. cixlo dice:

    heal with art?
    hurt and scar with no relieve is what i'll do.

  16. webkilla dice:

    So… TL:DR – in gaming you can do things you can't IRL, and you can do it safely, and you can feel good about it

  17. Waterhail77 dice:

    Am I the only who pressed the button just because they saw frisk and Toriel

  18. OR dont aim success and make it the center of life because this mindset will consume you. Instead, do something you like, enjoyment of success is just one benefit of enjoying an activity, not everything. You should be in this mindset before catharsis.

  19. Alex.r6 dice:

    * Kills Toriel * insta regret

  20. Adam Jensen dice:

    Speaking of catharsis- I would love for you guys to talk about Brothers sometime! It's the only game that ever got me to cry and low-key changed my life!

  21. clicked because undertale in thumbnail

  22. Katelyn Life dice:

    2:30 UNDERTAIL!!!! Sorry I’m a huge fan

  23. 2:29 I’m booking this for my wallpaper.

  24. Kurt Schwind dice:

    4:42 It's not really fair as I'm Kurt around all the people around me all the time.

  25. Am I the only one who came because the thumbnail was undertale ;-; just me? Ok 🙁

  26. Tacticslion dice:

    2:07 – Aggretsuko… as… humans…? What human being would work in that kind of environment?!
    (Fantastic job!)

  27. Justin H dice:

    This made me think of, of all things, Elite Beat Agents. I played a demo of the game (back when walmarts still had a ds attached to a game cabinet to play) and I got to play EBA. I loved the episode playing "September" and was hooked, but then I got to a later and harder level that had a more serious story. It was about a girl who wanted to see her dad again, but he had died. It was a sad tale that was influenced by the rhythm game and for one segment in the middle, I fell behind. So that meant in one scene, I had to witness this girl crying (she was baking a cake?). It was traumatizing, but before I could play again it was time to leave the store. I left, feeling unresolved and never came back to that until years later I owned a ds and found a copy of EBA. I bought it instantly and made sure I'd get to that point and change the future of this little girl for the better, even just for that one instant.

  28. (Possible spoilers for A Way Out.) I first played A Way Out with my girlfriend we got to the shoot out at the end and I got to the gun first, it took me so long to finish that scene with her because i didn't want to go through with it. I wanted to go back and not have that regret of pulling that trigger. To this day that moment in games stands out when thinking about regret in games. I'm still sorry for getting there first and I doubt I'll forget that in a long while.

  29. Have you watched the last yedi? After that i heard many say i wish i wouldnt have watched that

  30. Oh, look it's Undertale!
    Oh, look it's Undertale!
    Oh, look it's Undertale!
    Oh, look it's Undertale!
    Oh, look it's Undertale

    Oh,look it's Deltarune!

  31. “Books, film, and television can’t…”

    I regret this choice.
    I don’t like this movie and I want to go back.

  32. (Thanks to for sponsoring this episode. Go to to get $5 off your first purchase for a limited time!)

    What game(s) have you played recently that provided a cathartic experience for you? Was it a positive experience, or did it leave you feeling more frustrated and unsatisfied?

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