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Tfue will BUY more SKINS Because of the *VAULTED* Burst AR in Fortnite

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Tfue will BUY more SKINS Because of the *VAULTED* Burst AR in Fortnite

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36 comentarios

  1. Alvin Tran dice:

    1:12 if they vaulted all the bursts

  2. Ninja watch this snipe

    Dark hold my beer

  3. lil cheez-it dice:

    Daquan is kinda annoying now he used to be funny

  4. Don’t buy the mouse it sucks I own it and never use it

  5. Jake rams dice:

    Oh wow no surprise the videos sponsored by spider peripherals and you say ”this video is actually sponserd by spider peripherals” as if we don’t already know

  6. He said all the bursts. They didn’t vault the famas

  7. Just FYI for those looking to get the earbuds, they’re complete TRASH. I wouldn’t even recommend paying just the shipping for them.

  8. He said all the bursts they only vaulted the common, uncommon and rare versions

  9. Raizias dice:

    1:45 I literally just laughed my ass off

  10. An na dice:

    People always say stuff like that, it’s funny that epic took it so literally if they vaulted it for that reason LMAO

  11. Mav TheGuy dice:

    dellor is a walmart drlupo

  12. A few dollars I almost payed $64.87 for shipping

  13. Only nibbas with a ginormous chungus can like this comment 🍆

  14. Patrick Star dice:

    Ok they are seriously ruining fortnite by constantly vaulting weapons and adding new items

  15. Luckey 111 dice:

    Ppl Who are saying tfue is gonna buy he wont not all of the burst is gone the golden rare burst is still there LMAO

  16. Scaretrack79 dice:

    He will not start buying skins because epic just vaulted the grey, green, and blue burst what about the purple and gold there still in the game

  17. GlutenPlayz dice:

    4:55 fid they just realize that ??

  18. Mouse is sponsored every fricking vid are they just scamming cuz i still didnt get my mouse or earbuds and its been a month and i had to pay shipping fee for something i might not get!?


  20. Has anyone actually gotten their free mouse? Just curious.

  21. xlegend , dice:

    Still burst in the game called famas

  22. Well he said all bursts. The epic and gold are still unvaulted

  23. Autistic Cat dice:

    I’m going to knock down your building like I’m George bush xdxdxddxxd I get it

  24. The “ free mouse “ is 12 for shipping plus tax and also you can buy a spider mouse for even cheaper for that

  25. That Mouse Was A Scam! It Costs Money! UnSub.

  26. Wisso Tube dice:

    I bought the gaming mouse and earbuds love you (like if you did too)

  27. Abubaker Ali dice:

    tell him to try to get suprssed AR vaulted next

  28. Randy dice:

    so you put your own ad in the video, and push it to over 10 minutes long with unrelated clips, yikes

  29. R3AP3R dice:

    The mouse and earbud thing is a scam. I ordered it, and then I woke up to chungus at my door next morning trying to sell me windows. I bought some, but soon enough I got ligma and died. Then I was reincarnated as a squirrel. Half a star.

  30. thePCpeasant dice:

    i swear dellor has chopped his desk in half fifty times already

  31. dosollejj dice:

    Hate fortnite, strongly dislike true. I know epic and legendary variants are still in the game but it’s so clapped how they had to do burst players dirty

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