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Tfue vs Ninja 1v1 in a Public Match! (BOTH POV) – Fortnite Best and Funny Moments

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Tfue ran into Ninja’s squad in a public match. After eliminating Ninja’s whole squad they had a 1v1! This video also showcases the best and funniest fortnite clips of today!

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Intro Music:
Track: Arizona Zervas – No I In Team (Prod. 94 Skrt)
Link to the track:

Intro Editor:
12th Hour

Outro Music:
Track: The Brothers Records – Chase

Arizona Zervas Links:

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Fortnite Players in this video:


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This video includes:
Ninja vs Tfue
Ninja destroying Tfue
Ninja 1v1 Tfue in a public match


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47 comentarios

  1. Roses are red violets are blue i just got clickbated and so did u

  2. Yrnwahh3 dice:

    Ninja just mad Cause tfue is better than him and he was playing with his squad like they were a bunch of noobs😁

  3. GokuDx Dx dice:

    We already know that tfue is better
    Like who agree
    Edit:I don't ask for likes

  4. Tfue has the best aim in ever he's not hacking

  5. Fuck ninja he will pee his pants if he fights tfue

  6. Police : Where Do you live?

    Me : With my parents

    Police : Where do your parents live?

    Me : With me

    Police : Where does your Neighbors live?

    Me : You won’t believe this, but they live next to my house.

  7. YosifGaming dice:

    Tfue is light years better then Ninja

  8. Snowy dice:

    Love how people like ninja call everyone who is better than them a hacker they are so privileged.

  9. Tricky Shots dice:

    Ninja would’ve got his booty clapped easily

  10. Shuraim 2004 dice:

    took the whole squads :)))

  11. ArOw Monkey dice:

    Ninja said he would have killed true but ninja was at 8 health true was still at 100

  12. riftyyy_oof dice:

    Tfue fansboys/girls vs ninja fanboys/girls hilarious 😂😂

  13. Dive Venom dice:

    The intro song is "No I In Team"

  14. Juan Torrez dice:

    I died when they actually call him a hacker 😂😂😂

  15. K-_NooB_-K dice:

    ninja only knows how to complain besides being bad

  16. Lol they go tfue scared of ninja tfue almost solo squaded him

  17. JWellNoFine dice:

    Deadass fortnite master is better than fortnite funny change my mind

  18. Donavan S dice:


  19. Ninja fucking sucks my dude

  20. Xd Mccreamy dice:

    I want the old intro back so bad

  21. Ben Lopez dice:

    They just gotta accept that they are trash!

  22. Cxiibeast 68 dice:

    This just shows how much of a pussy ninja is

  23. Check out my mobile fortnite game play on my channel Subscribe please I’m decent at the game!!! Thanks

  24. Big Pog dice:

    God damn that intro tho

  25. ben t dice:

    he’s scared of ninja but if tfue destroyed ninja plenty of times

  26. Ninja is so bad, Tfue is way better

  27. Soul K dice:

    Tfue will clapppppppp ninja cheeks in a Second

  28. WaRp Clan dice:

    Your channel is complete garbage bitch

  29. Tfue the god of fortnite, change my mind.

  30. Montae Smith dice:

    When goku an vegeta collide 🤯

  31. BillyJ14 dice:

    It’s amazing how ninja thinks someone is cheating because they have good aim

  32. Synchrxnizee dice:

    Tfue obviously could’ve killed them all
    Ninja included.
    Just an obvious statement here.

  33. Tfue wouldve killed him so easily no hate tho but he couldve pickaxed him but he wanted to kill himself

  34. Jaxson Smith dice:

    Hits a few shots on ninja “Gotta ban his ass”

  35. FMtechHax dice:

    Welp atleast they complimented him by saying "he's hacking"

  36. Ninja shut the hell up because tfue can beat u in a 1v1 😑😏

  37. So your automatically a hacker because u don’t miss a shot ok buddy

  38. Team Alpha dice:

    Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Approves 🙂

  39. Wolf Bro dice:

    Tfue is not a afraid to fight ninja Tfue is way better and ninja is a bicth

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