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30 comentarios

  1. Rellum_ 466 dice:

    This game is only fun for/caters to PC players , change my mind.

  2. Chuck Norris dice:

    vaulted the p90? fuck you.

  3. Mordxcaii dice:

    Bout time the game actually has a good assault rifle

  4. Mekines dice:

    That courage clip made me laugh way too much, I was praying he’d start throwing those premade buildings around tho

  5. Get ready for the nerf boys 😂😂😂😂 same old same old when ever gun comes out

  6. hope they keep this gun in the game

  7. Frogツ dice:

    That's getting vaulted

  8. iTrixzz_YT. dice:

    Drum gun v2

    Can I wake up to 50 subs please

  9. Fifty dice:

    Run a tommy gun and this gun. No need for shotguns anymore lol

  10. MasterGem dice:

    L2 spam with that gun now 😂

  11. new update is

    like: good

    comment: bad

    imagine my new video gettin 1k views lol

  12. Lol courages vid for tfue was actually kinda funny

  13. BigDanny D dice:

    I don’t know why people carry an SMG if u have this gun

  14. Ninja u cant talk about epic like that with Lupo he works for epic lmao ,he was trying to change the narrative of the conversation .

  15. Shay Jones dice:

    Ninja is such a fucking cry baby he got way to much of an attitude now that he has money what a joke fuck you ninja your trash

  16. Lmaoooo the cannonball clip is fucking gold

  17. Next week new tactical AR gets nerfed.

  18. Invictà dice:

    The sound of the gun sounds like an airsoft

  19. Erik McGary dice:

    Saying it rn, the tac ar is gonna make too big of a skill gap because it’s less bloom and more actual aiming so epic is gone nerf it soon🤷‍♂️

  20. Sahil King dice:

    Tfue always


    Either it really sucks or its OP!!

  21. Jared Storm dice:

    Basicly every gun is soo GOOD after they released then everyone gets tired of them😂

  22. SAINT dice:

    I can’t wait to spam l2 😉

  23. plz i am a default i am gamers_respond

  24. plz i am a default i am gamers_respond

  25. plz i am a default i am gamers_respond

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