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Tfue KILLS Ninja’s WHOLE Squad Solo Queuing | (Ninja Thought Tfue was a Hacker!) | Fortnite BR

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In this video we have Tfue bumping into Ninjas squad in Salty Springs! Tfue manages to Kill ninjas WHOLE Squad but then dies to fall damage. Ninja accused TFUE of Hacking because Tfue was hitting insane shots falling from the sky. Ninja Accuses Tfue Of Hacking! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!


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Intro Song by 916frosty

Outro Song by Paris


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47 comentarios

  1. Ace Gamer dice:

    1-1 tied who’s the next point going to?

  2. Kossilis dice:

    You have an amazing outro

  3. black smoke dice:

    Sry about my language but ninjas a pussy bc literally Tfue was just yoloing it


  5. They just mad Tfue better than them

  6. Cipri dice:

    I can easily kill tfue

    Like if you disagree

  7. Toxic Banana dice:

    “Tfues so scared of ninja he’d rather die to fall damage”

    Said the person who was pickaxed.

  8. I remember wen ninja was a entertaining person, but now he's a full on pussy reporting ppl better than him

  9. shut the hell up ninja deal with it tfues better then you

  10. Coatninja25 dice:

    I bet u $1000000 that if it wasn't tfue they would have accused that person of hacking

  11. Anyone else just completely hate Mongraal?

  12. Galaxy 2000 dice:

    Why do all these compilation channels have some terrible rap in the intro with characters shooting their gun to the beat ? Stupid click bait bs

  13. Didn’t know Ninja’s ego was THAT BIG

  14. slopex game is good but I hate wen I "hit" red cubes =( 1750 Sutter St

  15. T Wizzle : dice:

    We all know it Tfue is better then Ninja

  16. I lowkey wish mongraal get throat cancer

  17. Ninja just salty tfue is better than him

  18. Its Đeagle dice:

    What a suprise ninja thought he was stream sniping lmao

  19. SwiftySteve dice:

    6:27 Anyone else see how delayed his mouse movement is to his flick shot?

  20. Haha ninja is gonna report Tfue cuz hes better

  21. Ninja is like “He is too scared Lol” Tfue could have killed Ninja easily if He didnt troll lol

  22. Player_Q dice:

    The real title is:
    "Big ego man jealous of genuinely good Fortnite player killing his whole squad, and accuses the genuinely good player of hacking."

  23. Khan Adam dice:

    Song name at the start anyone please?

  24. fonzie fonz dice:

    ninjas a fuuuuuuucking loooooooserrrrrr

  25. Ninja tofue is much better than u like if agree

  26. TaLiiWaG dice:

    Mong is very annoying and dramatic

  27. Damn! Every fucking streamer I'm this video seems so done with this game, they look bored and exhausted 🤣. But I'd do the same if I were in their position, the money from this trash game is to die for

  28. Rain SZN dice:

    Just when you think Ninja's changed. But he's the same old salty boy

  29. LSpro06 dice:

    Lol I wish true killed them all

  30. ImFujii dice:

    I don’t get it ninja wants to report him for cheating until he realizes its a pro… I guess if you’re good you just can’t kill ninja or else you are cheating

  31. Harry Lovell dice:

    Hahhaaaaaaaaaaa listen to all the Ninja asslickers…tfue is scared kekekekekeke…loooooooool…get good like tfue oh wait you can’t!

  32. FIGHTER177 dice:

    He doesn’t kill his whole squad, fucking clickbaiter

  33. 3:12 ARE ! YOU! OUT! OF! YOUR! MIND!!!!

  34. MR IDGAF dice:

    Mongraal needs a better mic

  35. This video is perfect proof that ninja is a punk bitch who just tries to get people banned for killing him. he is number 1 as far as pussy streamers thinking they should always win and when they dont its hacking or steam sniping what a little bitch!

  36. If Tfue didn’t lose his old accounts he could be in first place in the leader boards tbh

  37. ViVal_Voltxz dice:

    6:20 shut tf up he is so annoying

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