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Tfue Explains The Reason Streamers Are QUITING Fortnite And MOVING To Apex Legends…

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In todays video we have Tfue explaining the reason why all the big streamers besides him have MOVED over to a new game (Ninja, Myth, DrLupo Etc…) Let me know what you guys think down below!


Myth and Pokimane!
Ninja Funniest Moments!
Ninja Highlights!
Myth Funniest Moments!
Myth Highlights!
Ninja Vs Myth!
Tfue Funniest Moments!

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44 comentarios

  1. J espoon dice:

    I don’t even wanna start playing apex legends cuz everyone is already a fucking try hard

  2. Faizah Fazri dice:

    Fortnite is best game ever

  3. Jim Playz dice:


  4. cough because fortnite is bad

  5. Get Booted dice:

    Pre-season and season 1 will always be the best
    Season 2 was very good
    Season 3 was good
    Season 4 was ok
    Season 5 was shit
    Season 6 was doing a recovery
    Season 7 is okay if they remove the deagle and planes

  6. I agree with Tfue, but I think Apex is wayyy more fun than FN, like a lot more.

  7. Then everyone gonna hate on Apex cause we gotta hate everything

  8. Stranger bmx dice:

    just for me apex is good but im bored playing fps because before i play fortnite its like i already play so many fps games

  9. LIL KABAYO dice:

    This comment section reminds me when bo4 was a thing

  10. Nothing Much dice:

    Epic games doesnt worry about what happens in the game they only worry about the moneyy

  11. Anyone else really sweaty while playing Apex?
    P.S. I stole this comment from GiirlHeSooNastyy!

  12. CxFi dice:

    Trust me when I say this, Apex Legends feels much more balanced and fair overall. All the guns are satisfying! You won't once sit here and get upset cause someone killed you with a quad launcher or whatnot. It just feels fun and fair. Death or win.

  13. Dan Dan dice:

    Roblox or fortnite
    Which would you choose?

  14. STOP STOP dice:

    the frotnite update isn'tfun thatswhy its boring i though it will be more fun

  15. Shaun Lacson dice:

    Hate ninja now. And love tfue now

  16. After Palks dice:

    Freaking epic games is ruining fortnite by bringing the freaking rare and og slins back

  17. dudes that play as chicks in game is weird..

  18. Last ninja clip was insane man

  19. Jesse dice:

    Ninja calls himself an aimbot, but the enemy was practically standing still.

  20. Five Skies dice:

    👏fortnite 👏made 👏apex 👏popular👏

  21. Javier - dice:

    No1 is quitting Fortnite. Apex is just another Blackout. It'll become irrelevant in a few months.

  22. ZulL dice:

    If there is no stream snipers tfue won't stop playing fortnite , let's be honest sniping streamer is murder and the gayest way to get a kill

  23. Its because fortnite is a dog trash game run by idiots

  24. Dr Downtime dice:

    I play apex. I so hope these fornite guys do not cross over. They only stream what’s popular for profit plus they all act like spoilt little kids. Stay over in fornite where the kids belong.

  25. Dracken IOS dice:

    You know why streamers are going to play now apex legends

  26. Aia Amoguis dice:

    All these people talking as if APEX really bigger than fortnite or will be lol. Lets not be blind, APEX at best could get to COD standard at its prime. But fortnite, cmon man literally is known world wide. Case for the most famous game ever. Literally parents know about that game, little kids, and college kids. The amount of sales and money fortntite has made from skins and all their various events is crazy. Not saying APEX isnt great but to call it the next fortnite, a game while literally everyone and their mom played is kinda dumb. Sure APEX is amazing right now because its new but its gameplay is very limited unlike fortnite. Ive played both, APEX is great and fun but no way will it have a pro scene possibility as bright as fortnite. All the fortnite streamers at the end of the day will go back to fortnite. Much more harder to become a pro at fortnite when literaly every kid nowadays is a sweat with amazing skills. To be on top of that skill gap gains them so much fame and money that it would be a very dumb decision to switch over. My friends and I play APEX because its easier and more relaxing unlike fortnite when there are so many good people that it can be frustrating. Frustrating because the game is so fun that we get competetive about it. Just cant believe people really thinks APEX will take over….

  27. Optic500 dice:

    Because people are switching to apex legends. It will be a bit tricky for Ninja tho his partnership with epic and that he wont be the number 1 apex player due to how the mechanics are different in the game so he is screwed lol

  28. FortniteTV dice:

    Ninja says he has aimbot on apex even though thats the easiest game
    Ps: Dont hate me

  29. Has he ever thought of having a 3 min delay

  30. ImBman dice:

    Why cant people just enjoy games? Apex legends is a good game and fortnite is a good game that’s all there is to it, just have fun, you being toxic doesn’t help/solve shit.

  31. Kim Jong Oof dice:

    Oh my god is it finally happening, the fall of Fortnite!?

  32. apex will probably get boring i mean its a very fun game but ppl will get bored after 5 months thats what i think apex and fortnite are good just saying

  33. SaumonBro dice:


  34. Y people are leaving fortnite is because they know there not the best at it it was different when they were winning every game but when u lose one o no gotta go to apex it’s stupid because true and everyone who’s mad and leaveing because there are being beaten and there not the best if tfue and Ninja were the best the would stay but since there being beaten there mad and there running it’s stupid to think that but it’s the truth there mad because there getting beat and they can’t handle it they mad and there going to apex yeah it’s a good game I’m level 10 already on apex but I’m not mad at fortnite because Im not a hater like ninja they mad they loading and why go and say o stream snipers if you were really good how could you not kill them because they better then you no not because there steam snipers but there more skilled builders and fighting. End of the rant

  35. ZE_TPlays dice:

    It’s so sad that a game Loved is coming to the end. Ok everybody 2017 omg a new free battle Royale game people say it is better than PUBG 2018 this game is so fun this game will never die… 2019

    Bro let’s play apex legends fortnite. Is bad but epic games have been doing there best since day 1 thank you epic for making such a good game…😔😔

  36. Why do you guys think most streamers switched over to Apex? Do you agree with Tfue or is there another reason?! Let me know!

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