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Follow the Subway Surfers on the World Tour to amazing Atlanta!

– Surf through the vibrant big city and discover a Subway ready for football celebrations
– Team up with Alicia, the hip music star and unlock her cool Tracksuit Outfit
– Take the Scratchy board for a smooth spin down the upbeat Subway tracks
– Get the Touchdown Outfit for free when you purchase E.Z., the easygoing street surfer


Download the game for FREE on:



Windows 10:

Kindle Fire:

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38 comentarios

  1. Adrian R.M dice:

    2019? Someone playing this?

  2. First of all…I don't play Subway Surfers…

  3. Reweek 1 dice:

    Why subway surfers don't come Turley 🙁

  4. Good to here that you guys are coming to my home, born and raised.

  5. 0:14 her jacket logo looks very similar with supercell one

  6. This is not accurate I live in Atlanta the game did not even shown the Queen and king buildings

  7. I swear Subway Surfers updates are so lame.

  8. Paz Torres dice:

    That's why you don't need 95k coins but 60 keys to get Alicia, because she's Alicia Keys lmao

  9. Quero legendas dos vídeos em português por favor ☺

  10. Prince Mc dice:

    Next México city please

  11. Zul Adam dice:

    Im a player from malaysia, can you make the next world tour on malaysia

  12. 2019 ??????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨

  13. miss Oof dice:


  14. She don’t cardi b is light skin not brown you said that bc they got something in comment their both black

  15. Alicia = Cardi B E.Z = Chance the rapper

  16. it's reeze dice:

    I'm just waiting for this game to download belive it or not lol 😂

  17. On 0:09 through 0:14 can u do a sound track on that plz

  18. simon laget dice:

    Maybe you guys could a animation episode off subway surfers Atlanta

  19. Royal Bleu dice:

    I have Alicia but need more keys for the track suit..I got the hover board too

  20. Wow 2019 and they still make updates

  21. That other outfit reminds me of Ciara’s level up video

  22. No puedo creer que esos personajes no parecen surfistas ,como por ejemplo la chica de amsterdam. ,ella parece una chica tranquila, pero es una surfista q le gusta hacer grafiti o como petersturg ese príncipe que ni siquiera mata a una mosca es uno d los chico grafiti

  23. Game Man346 dice:

    the 2014 and 2015 and 2016 locations is coming this year

  24. Game Man346 dice:

    is the next update is seoul

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