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Streamers USING the *NEW* "TACTICAL ASSAULT RIFLE" in Fortnite (New Update)

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Streamers USING the *NEW* «TACTICAL ASSAULT RIFLE» in Fortnite (New Update)

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26 comentarios

  1. Alex D dice:

    Ninja hissing at the drum gun

  2. Fox Chandler dice:

    More like "Tactical Drum Gun".

  3. Molwin Bengs dice:

    The best video in the world

  4. Weird I haven’t seen any videos with the tsm crew in a while or at least I haven’t.

  5. Yo the drum gun finally got nerfed
    It only does a max 23 damage body shot

  6. It does 40 to the head not 80😑

  7. they should add in tactical smg

  8. MAKEOUTHILL dice:


    Jk I play console too

  9. Ser Sonam dice:

    Streamers: Its op!!!

    EpIC: *nerfs tactical ar*

  10. The ninja clip made my day 😂

  11. Why does he have to cuss while I'm at school

  12. Those are the fakest AirPods ever

  13. IceInMyLean dice:

    Who already knew they had to add a m416 from pubg on fortnite

  14. Lul Kaiden dice:

    still would pick up the drum over this

  15. Badboy DCX dice:

    It’s a like a long range smg

  16. Kun Adrian dice:

    Every streamer be like: omg that weapon is insane (gets a normal kill btw)

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