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Streamers React to *NEW* Consume Animation + First Time Using 'The Baller' | Fortnite Highlights

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Streamers React to *NEW* Consume Animation + First Time Using ‘The Baller’ | Fortnite Highlights
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-Intro Music: Veorra – Save Me
-Outro Music: $AW x VIGGO – STILL DEALIN’

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36 comentarios

  1. james marez dice:

    Man that looks like something else man idk what epics aiming for


  3. Wolf Shadow dice:

    The copied overwatch with that ball

  4. Yoshizilla dice:

    Can’t wait to see kids with water bottles ripping the caps off and drinking it

  5. So people are still playing fortnite huh.

  6. Gijs ten Dam dice:

    You pull yoursellf iff you hold

  7. Has ninja in the thumbnail reacting to the animation but not in the video.


  9. David Eggs dice:

    3:04 who else is triggerd at the fact that he missed the good part of it !?

  10. London Goins dice:

    Cizzorz scared me 😱 😣

  11. Even the Bush has a animation

  12. MAYOR DAB dice:

    straight up hammond ripoff

  13. ClasiX Stars dice:

    I just tried keyboard and mouse and loved it but hate it

    I have to hold down shift to run?!?!?!?!?

  14. Soulz dice:

    The animation for the bush is awesome

  15. Jurassic park slowly fades in…

  16. ninjajr 47 dice:

    This is what happens when a new battle Royale game comes out

  17. You drink the slurp like the character did in the season 4 cutscene

  18. If only they knew they have to hold it

  19. Guys the bush has a animation

  20. You flop the bush on your head then it gets bigger and bigger the bush has a new animation noice

  21. They Copy That From Overwatch It’s Wercking Ball

  22. Oof Oof dice:

    The first YT didn’t know how to HOLD anything lol

  23. Dr. Peppy dice:

    But honestly tho tbh these new consuming animations are really dope and the baller is kinda like the hydrosphere from Jurassic Park

  24. 3:53 give me that ball ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Lil Supreme dice:

    'ʜᴏʟʏ sɴᴀᴘᴘʟᴇ'

  26. Mentsiv ϟ dice:

    9:04 lol is Replays shooting through the wall? Haaacks??????

  27. Maxi Yeah dice:

    Dude I was like ‘wtf happend to the shield’

  28. edwin hennum dice:

    Ninja Said he wanted this animation for so Long. That was his reaction when he landes on top of paradise were The rifts id

  29. Diablos dice:

    Only good players can like this🔥. I make rage compilations that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Please check me out 🙂

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