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Streamers React To *FREE* V-BUCKS REWARDS With VALENTINES CHALLENGES! – Fortnite Funny Moments

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Streamers React To *FREE* V-BUCKS REWARDS With VALENTINES CHALLENGES! Fortnite FUNNY Moments Highlights


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44 comentarios

  1. ZMAnime dice:

    Epic Games tries to bring back fortnite to be a popular game by giving away free vbucks and have more players play the game while Apex Legends is being popular rn

  2. I really wish everything was a surprise for cool things, but if you want to leak things leak the incool things that way we know that there is hoing to be better stuff, you know?

  3. Joker Joe dice:

    This will make fortnite beat Apex legends

  4. You clickbaiting piece of Shiz…

  5. bruh i dont want to press read more

  6. Zach Dotson dice:

    Epic should always have v buck challenges every battle pass

  7. I would like them to do more v bucks challges

  8. Because it would help the small players

  9. GodOf_ Time dice:

    Those vbucks lead up to 2,000 vbucks enough to buy the dark Cupid / Normal Cupid

  10. I don't see why people would think it's a bad idea, if people heard about this then more people would download the game

  11. They will never give v bucks for free

  12. Now We know What myth is doing

  13. SyG_Drake dice:

    Welp Valentines Day is my Birthday so Thanks Fortnite!!!

  14. Thumbnail is 14 days of Fortnite

  15. XcX: Trash dice:

    6:20 she looks like a teacher playing fortnite

  16. Omer Niksic dice:

    If this is true i'm gonna be pumped for it

  17. fey lin dice:

    If you want to earn some v-bucks just go to yadakjoo com I tried out and I got them!

  18. oP xGhostz dice:

    Don鈥檛 do it boi

    Now you鈥檙e a Fortnite god. Subscribe to activate

  19. Eevee Lol dice:

    Im so happy bc im cheap XD

  20. Reynita Reid dice:

    The reason why they are giving us 2,000 vbucks is so we can get the love ranger for the dark love ranger that is why they are giving it to us

  21. Super dice:

    ik why there doing this because apex legends is passing out fn thats why but ii still love fn and will play it forever

  22. Ssshadow _ dice:

    How much you you want to bet we鈥檙e not going to have free vbucks.

  23. Epic should do more v bucks challenges cos Apex is taking over

  24. Dray on dice:


  25. my amount of subscribers is your IQ

  26. they should do more v-buck rewards for sure

  27. 馃檪 My other account with skins was lost, now I have default skin boii

  28. Zariannahh dice:

    Why is apex legends so bad

  29. Who here also stopped playing fortnite, I have

  30. So 2000 vbucks basically not bad

  31. EnderMark dice:

    Wasn't it announced that it would come only if you had the Cupid skin?

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