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Streamers GET the *NEW* "BLUE HYBRID NINJA" SKIN COLOR Style in Fortnite

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Streamers GET the *NEW* «BLUE HYBRID NINJA» SKIN COLOR Style in Fortnite

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45 comentarios

  1. Do they really give free air pods

  2. Bubzarty dice:

    How many people actually bought the fake airpods😆

  3. Hes so dumb it not his skin just cuz its a ninja doesn't mean it for him

  4. Jesus Ruiz dice:

    Any Ninja Like Exist*
    Ninja: MY SKIN!!!

  5. Yeet Ernie dice:

    Ninja has the trashest 90s dawg

  6. BubbleBlue dice:

    If you wanna check out guys,
    I'm making Daily Stage Editions of Youtube Models,
    of course, credits are in video description.

  7. Mini Slayer dice:

    People have max hybrid and I don't even have the second stage

  8. More like Fortnite clickbait thumbnail bruh

  9. NameNick1234 dice:

    Thanks for using people we don't understand for the reaction

  10. WASD Ohno dice:

    The start of the vid you be selling fake airpods

  11. Tomato Boii dice:

    What’s the intro song ?

  12. SuspiciousX dice:

    Streamers so RIDICULOUSLY AMAZED at the new Fortnite skin that they LITERALLY DIE:

  13. I missed the part where tfue said "blue" and ninja said "my skin" also tfue said in relation to the fucking blue version of a skin………….. "blue" wow what a shocker I am literally shaking and crying

  14. parents suck they wont let me get free airpods because they think it can ruin us because its a scam F#!% MY PARENTS THEY SUCK DICK AND HELL!!!!

  15. Amy Mackey dice:

    Season3 do a emoji if you do to

  16. TSM Carl dice:

    Pretty shit content. Nice clickbait

  17. L1L W01fI3 dice:

    Ninja skin is Master Key not Hybrid

    Hybrid is Randumb's skin

  18. Rince dice:

    Only Rich people can like this

  19. TeriZen Bear dice:

    Who else agrees it's not ninjas skin it's not even a ninja in my opinion

  20. Dj LEGOS dice:

    Good o’l clickbait ninja in the thumbnail ninjas not reacting to it

  21. BrokeYahel dice:

    I have real air pods so 🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. 11 bucks for shipping for free airpods

  23. Tekni YT dice:

    those are some fake airpods

  24. BabyRicky213 dice:

    That airpod intro gotta go

  25. Mr Loading dice:

    I need like 1 more challenge to get it, is week 3 out?

  26. I swear I am tired of ninja saying that every cool skin he sees he say that's my skin

  27. Zeekvo dice:

    The last number of likes is where you’re dropping next game:

    0: Loot Lake
    1: Polar Peak
    2: Tilted Towers
    3: Lazy Lagoon (my favorite)
    4: Fatal Fields
    5: Salty Springs
    6: Paradise Palms
    7: Retail Row
    8: Pleasant Park
    9: Snobby Shores

  28. Does Ninja look like that skin Lol

  29. Jahůdka dice:

    TVL 1:48 Mithrandir, Tamaka a Nero jakože LOL

  30. munnil dice:

    why do you make a vid about a skin style???

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