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Sesame Street: Respect is Coming

Posted by @Juegos on abril - 20 - 2019

Respect brings us together, and if anyone can convince Game of Thrones’s Cersei and Tyrion to get along, a franco furry red friend might just be the one. #RespectIsComing

As part of Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary celebration, we have a campaign, “Respect Brings Us Together,” highlighting the importance of respecting one another, even in disagreement — and even in the case of sworn enemies.

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46 comentarios

  1. This was….. really cute.
    My heart may have melted a smidge.

  2. Eric Gehrung dice:

    In 4 weeks R-E-S-P-E-C-T will look more like 🥶👑🔥🐉

  3. kash smith dice:

    Elmo just undid the plot.

  4. Nate Pope dice:

    This reminds me of the time I was in the fifth grade and my teacher realized she was talking to a bunch of 10 year Olds about the ending of the Sopranos… Things never change 😂😂

  5. I love sesame street. Loved it as a child, still love it 😊

  6. Furyan Auror dice:

    Any child that watches sesame Street and even knows what Game of Thrones is should get regular checks from CPS

  7. >Elmo gets the iron throne

    This is the very best timeline

  8. Elmo is taking the iron throne. It’s confirmed

  9. Zenith dice:

    Why did Jon not bring Elmo to the meeting with Cersei?

  10. Jaqen H'ghar's taking it a bit far with these new faces he's collected…

  11. David Hodges dice:

    Cool, little red dude. But where were you in infinity wars?

  12. What kid watches Game of Thrones? Whatever parents are letting their children watch Game of Thrones should be punished

  13. Azor Ahai finally revealed.

  14. HBO, I expect a Tormund & Elmo buddy cop film within a year.

  15. Avengers is the most ambitious crossover ever

    Elmo: hold my juice

  16. Did they just spoil Season 8??

  17. Chowdaire dice:

    Now let's all tune into Game of Thrones, kids.

  18. ketchup016 dice:

    Not even Cersei can resist Elmo.

  19. Who's responsible for this…

  20. Elmo on a rated R show I thought I never see the day.

  21. Elmo as a knight is really cute lol

  22. rhvette dice:

    I just. I don't get it. Like, who is this for? Any kid watching Sesame Street had best not know what in the seven hells Game of Thrones is or who Tyrion and Cersei are. So why is this on the Sesame Street youtube channel?

  23. Elmo is literally the young prince of an entire community full of various monsters. He can easily destroy both of their armies but our merciful prince has taught them a great lesson.

  24. Nick Dat dice:

    So this is to draw kids to watch games of thrones? Isnt that a little weird? Lol

  25. Khoa Nguyen dice:

    ghost can wear armor too..

  26. Oh so this is the nice, clean, wholesome show for kids everyone that loves? I'll have to suggest this show to every daycare I've ever heard of!

  27. sfighter00 dice:

    Probably the most bizarre crossover I've ever seen. Even more bizarre than "Tom & Jerry in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".

  28. PoeticSonic dice:

    Why do I imagine the mountain under the table doing the Elmo voice and keep giggling?

  29. blacc beard dice:

    nobody asked for this crossover, delete this

  30. Aleemah Ali dice:

    I find it very disturbing if children who look at Sesame Street know who these two characters are.

  31. boomfyer89 dice:

    You know I was thinking these were parts just cut and edited in a very good way…🤦‍♂️

  32. Funny part when Elmo said, “you should respect each other @ :34 “ Cersei scoffs…

  33. JayRocks1203 dice:

    I can't believe that I would see the light of day

  34. I was wondering when they were going to bring Elmo back on. He was pretty epic when he dealt with Khal Drogo in season 1.

  35. Spoiler:Elmo is the Lord of light.