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Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 Challenge To «Search Chilly Gnomes». This is the Complete Guide on HOW TO FIND ALL 7 Chilly Gnomes n the Fortnite Map! This video shows you all the quickest locations for Chilly Gnomes

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26 comentarios

  1. Aaron Udunno dice:

    This is the first battle pass I’ll have completed every challenge, stuck with and and get them all done the day they come out, hope the skin is worth it lmao.

  2. HomieB13 _ dice:

    I did my challenges in solos, btw if you do your challenges in disco domination your a pussy

  3. Tre Keefer dice:

    Yesterday I officially retired from Fortnite . It was starting to become somewhat of an unhealthy addiction . I found myself spending 3-4 hours GLUED to the screen chasing wins . For me it became less about fun and more about winning . That’s not healthy . I was also spending way too much money on the cosmetics/battle passes . I exceeded the learning curve and became VERY good but with all the patches and pointless addition I lost that excitement . I also became more of a Tryhard . Season 1 – Season 4 capture me and I haven’t felt the excitement since . In conclusion , it’s been a great ride with great ppl but my time in the Fortnite scene is over . Wishing you all many more Battle Royale W’s 💪🏾 .

  4. Matt J dice:

    I havent played fortnite in 2019 yet 😂😂😂

  5. Hosting turtle wars map add iGnashtys epic name for Inv looking to improve myself and map

  6. Alex 007 dice:

    😜It's Chilly But Your Hotness Keeps Me
    Warm🔥 Lol

  7. Idc Idgaf dice:

    Who’s els doesn’t have the battle pass but still watches this video 🙃🙂

  8. Welp there goes any Hope's on my video on this getting views lmao thx hollow

  9. Anyone here from 2048 oh wait

  10. I loved the end it was halarious

  11. I wish the Gnomes said LETS GET RIGHT INTO THE NEWS

  12. There’s also one at the frozen house where greasy used to be

  13. Hollow dice:

    Search Chilly Gnomes in Fortnite. ALL 7 Chilly gnomes and their locations.
    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for watching!

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