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Rangers of Oblivion with a side of "salt" (Sponsored video)

Posted by @Juegos on mayo - 15 - 2019


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40 comentarios

  1. Larry Butz dice:

    Hmm, legitimately interested in it now. How does this game handle…

    Energy and p2w paywalls?

  2. The or has been shown
    Praise it and hope for it’s first episode

  3. Jett Physics dice:

    Dont let the sponsor know but I muted the video and played it in a different tab because I don't care about this app thing but I do care about scott uwu

  4. Kita dice:

    Just remember guys. Every one of these videos help to keep Scott fed and active.

  5. i'm glad you got to get payed to draw more of your oc. i honestly found your channel by watching sigg and tessa, and i get a little smirk whenever i see them on a thumbnail. it brightens my day a bit.

  6. Mark Guyton dice:

    You can perform a shadow clone attack with fists… but cannot pull a Kenshiro with them… 0/10 😉

  7. More like a side of shill.

    No but seriously its good to know your able to eat and continue to create content.

  8. Merauder777 dice:

    Goooood. Let the weeb flow through you! Now show me them katanas and waifus!

    Game looks fun honestly, good show.

  9. ImAGreenOreo dice:

    sellout. we dont need food and money. i just live off garbage and paper and im homeless and hungry. just do that

  10. gastone dice:

    the elder scrolls oblivion

  11. Aaron Foster dice:

    The "salt" is the kind he can now afford to buy to put on the food he can also now afford to buy. And to able to afford to keep said salt indoors where he has electricity to produce more videos. "Salty" enough for everyone?!

  12. JeweledStone dice:

    Can ya do The Binding of Isaac with salt?

  13. I know while you were playing this and you had those fists on, you were saying while you were punching, "Hulk smash!!!"

  14. DutchFanboy dice:

    That’s one long ad read

  15. Vuntedum dice:

    sorry pal, i'm trying to quite mobile games.

  16. David Proano dice:

    oh hey a new video lets see whats new
    Scott: I dont have any friends
    Me: nvm

  17. justin rios dice:

    Sorry, I like my phone too much to burn it

  18. Ian Lusk dice:

    Do dragon's dogma with a side of salt

  19. Danrapx dice:

    Some one should make armoured core but for the phone

  20. dang dice:

    Don't you guys own phones

  21. theblitz233 dice:

    Sponsored videos are fine. Not salty sponsored videos are fine, and make sense. And they probably wanted you to talk about the graphics. But they're shit. Let's Go looks better than this game.

  22. Shady aura dice:

    NO SALT INCLUDED. My criticism of this game is a very little. It takes a bit to load up, so you can't pick up and play very quickly. The Dungeons in story are nice paced but the online hunts ones seem to take 10-30 minutes. Still an awesome game and I would also recommend playing it.

  23. It's a shame that YouTubers can't just shill for games and stuff they like and instead have to resort to finding something nice to say about some crummy mobile game that is totally not a rip-off of another game series.

    I don't know how you guys do it. There's no way I could be even moderately sincere about a game I could give two shits about.

  24. tried the game and oh boi did i like it

  25. Joe Rogan dice:

    I’m addicted to this game 8.8/10 highly recommended

  26. EpicSexGay dice:

    This game IS what all those shameless cash grabs pretend to be

  27. _ Joltik _ dice:


  28. If you catch this comment I'm dedede911 if you also want to play the game. ps I'm one of your best fans (take my word on it).

  29. Ah… To be young and need the money…

  30. Cool Audino dice:

    These are not good graphics. Not even for a phone

  31. Kanati dice:

    A quality semi-monster hunter clone except you have fists and you can punch, bam, boom, slam, kick, punch stuff (bonus point for anyone that gets the reference).
    Thanks shillfalco

  32. Final272 dice:

    even if u don't want to play it guys click the link still. It should help scott out. 😀

  33. The game isn't available in my country….

  34. ScottFalco dice:

    There ya go, changed the title to make it more apparent it's sponsored

    This was actually supposed to come out awhile ago but the sponsors pushed it back a bunch, I still got Smash 3.0 with a side of salt coming out next week don't worry