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RANDOM *NFL* SKIN Challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale

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49 comentarios

  1. Henry Gaile dice:

    go patriots!!!! boo jets!!

  2. I always use code laserbeam in the item shop

  3. Itz Cade dice:

    Notice how whenever he won the game he had 69 health

  4. He has 69 health too when he won lol

  5. Dylan Viksne dice:

    11:11 he has 69 health and 69 is his number

  6. Jonah Reed dice:

    Beg them to let you move into the click house

    And also use code lazarbeam

  7. Technically mats do have a rarity you cant use them if you get green or above because mats are gray

  8. Cold 123 dice:

    Sub to pewdiepie and lazarbeam

  9. Joanne Lamb dice:

    Is it weird that I have always just randomly hated the jets

  10. 7:25
    Me: that guy is f*****g trash
    My consciousness: he’s probably me

  11. Here’s to Lazarbeam he’s True Blue he’s a pisspot through and through

  12. Use the eagles love them fly eagles fly

  13. Wyatt Sharff dice:

    Lazarbeam has never worn sledgehammer? Wow… I didn’t know that.
    use code lazarbeam btw

  14. Dude I watch your vids all day they never get old your a bloody legend and I used your code keep up the good work your the best

  15. Every jets fan has a soft cock

  16. What you say about my town it all about Oakland my dude

  17. Caedan Burns dice:

    That is science I learned that in 4 grade

  18. bob bob dice:

    Oh god you like the patriots

  19. Defult boi dice:

    You cant Belive what i just find in fortnite battel royel


  20. My family loves the Patriots no joke

  21. DeadPanda543 dice:

    2:01 Actually Mats are grey, so they do have a color

  22. Little does Lannan know that the patriots are playing the chargers

  23. Did you know the HP and the skin are 69 at 10:47

  24. Connor dice:

    Man I knew you were not gonna use my favorite team, and it is…..the STEELERS!!!!!

  25. Dis is probably the first time you didn't ask fresh for help

  26. Cole Smith dice:

    Hey u should do one clip per weapon challenge

  27. Missy Munro dice:

    When he won his number was 69 and his hp was 69 lol 😂

  28. i Zombii dice:


  29. I liked it bc it’s lazarbeam AND football in the same video

  30. Don't forget to use code lazarbeam 😀

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