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PS4 – Ghost of Tsushima Trailer (2018)

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46 comentarios

  1. I swear this is just sekiro

  2. Alan Walkman dice:

    From mask wearing bandit foxes to conduit powered human beings to feudal japan samurai? Sucker Punch has evolved over the years.

  3. Muhd Fahmi dice:

    C mon man just give us the godamn release date already

  4. Daniel Nowka dice:

    (Theory): This game takes place before-during-and after the Mongol Invasion and you start the game just before the Mongol Invasion

  5. Edward Elric dice:

    Its s0ck cause it doesnt release to pc

  6. Mark My words: This Will be one of the greatest games ever made.

  7. Aurilion44 dice:

    Oh, so they went for accurate portrayal that some Samurais were, indeed, also Ninja/Shinobi. It wasn't mutally exclusive 🙂

  8. Cool graphic…. Just like my Skyrim 😂

  9. Nocturnalzyx dice:

    more like Witcher than assassins creed id say

  10. Hulk Sadi dice:

    I just hate this oily darkish looking graphics👎👎its not looks real n clean like tw3 or like rd2

  11. Unknown 84 dice:

    This game will top anything that AC could ever do in this setting

  12. SirLazyGamer dice:

    Me: Looks at Xbox
    Xbox: Looks back
    Me: Fuck you looking at lil nigga

  13. The Rifleman dice:

    this is not assassin's creed, this is a masterpiece of its own, this is THE game to be looking for and the reason to own a ps4 lol

  14. True Justice dice:

    Samurai Red Dead 😛 lol

  15. Reilly Smith dice:

    When is this game going to come out I need it so badly

  16. Prophet Lew dice:

    To weeabos, Knight still wins

  17. Cool Cat dice:

    I hope there’s good character customisation

  18. 0:47 anybody else got that "the last sumarai" reference 😉, you're welcome

  19. Cyrotechnium dice:

    jesus christ this scene is beautiful

  20. I think they gave up when sekiro beat them

  21. gedeo dice:

    this is the best trailer I have ever seen.

  22. The Way dice:

    Katana. Grappling hook. Stealth. How is this game not Sekiro exactly?

  23. Godspeed dice:

    Better than sekiro 😃

  24. Akis Mou dice:

    From samurai u become ninja or something? Looks goty for sure and day one purchase

  25. Doesnt matter that this game is ps4 only because i have Sekiro anyways

  26. I need Shinobi ps 2 (SEGA)REMAKE

  27. Who come from Shinobi ps 2?

  28. maybe my ps4 will finally be used for something other than VR.

  29. You Sony fanboys must really be delusional if you think that Ghost of Tsushima will best the masterpiece that is Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, From the little gameplay footage that I've seen this game is looking out to be yet another one of Sony's boring easy as fuck, walking simulators full of cinematic cutscenes with dull repetitive gameplay just like most of their games are GOW, Uncharted, TLOU, Horizon Zero Dawn among others, the only area where Ghost will undoubtedly beat Sekiro is on graphics which will by the way be downgraded but what good will come with having amazing graphics and cinematic cutscenes on your game when the gameplay which should be the most important aspect of a game will be mediocre to shit? Face it you sony fanboys are all a bunch of casuals who prefer games and movies that play themselves. Sony needs to focus on movies and stop making videogames.

  30. Ferrari Enzo dice:

    As soon as I saw this game is being made by sucker punch, the same guys who made the Infamous games, I said holy shit this games gotta be good then

  31. Carlo Ponte dice:

    Bad fucking ass, this game better make me orgasm and break up with my girlfriend.

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