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Profano Star Wars

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Star wars of seglar

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43 comentarios

  1. Melitza P dice:

    thres a part 3 the clone wars but no star wars after this is the comleat saga i thinck

  2. Melitza P dice:


  3. Dartfish dice:

    It's not the best :l It's just a trailer

  4. xodrn7410 dice:


  5. xodrn7410 dice:


  6. Alex Parrish dice:

    thumbs up if you sall obi wan kenobi from episode 1

  7. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  8. Billy Yoder dice:

    I love this game I had it once a long time ago

  9. Billy Yoder dice:

    I love this game it was funny

  10. Lovenought dice:

    The hype was strong in this one.

  11. i dont like that u cant talk

  12. darthd101 dice:

    I remember this shortened version for TV

  13. Check out my HUGE LEGO Clone Base!
    Just click on my channel!

  14. remembers getting this game

    Realizes this game came out in 2006

    Realizes that that was almost nine years ago


  15. rwmovies dice:

    I remember I got this game and a ps2 for Christmas when I was 7, I used to play this all the time, used to get up every morning to play this

  16. Carla Jane dice:

    I remember playing this with my brothers and everytime we passed a checkpoint we would celebrate and jump on the couch because we worked so hard as a team, taking turns and trying to pass it for each other. This game was so fun 😌

  17. j wewa dice:

    0:30 why is there an imperial officer ?

  18. NunuInc dice:

    i freaking miss the old Lego days. The day where there was Lego Star Wars 1,2 and Indiana Jones. Those days were amazing, The games are so simple but so satisfying and fun, not all this hyped openworld stuff, but it was simple and followed its license with pride. Love Lego <3

  19. Toa Ninjis dice:

    Todays kids would never understand.

  20. EnMaMu14 dice:

    Hello. I'm from the future.

  21. hey does anybody else notice obi wan Kenobi (padawn) behind Chewbacca 0:59

  22. Who still watches this in 2016 and who wishes this game was on ps4

  23. I surprised that I still have Lego Star Wars the video game and the original trilogy for the GameCube

  24. Does anybody watch this in 2017

  25. Seneca Gray dice:

    1:39 You can play solo and as Solo.

  26. Nick dice:

    This brings back so many memories…I feel old kinda..

  27. They should have made a game of action league now from Nickelodeon's kablam has anyone seen that show back then

  28. Kablam was a show about different cartoon shorts and they had to make one were they used toys

  29. Nice recommendation Youtube… Nice…..

  30. BLOOFY dice:

    pretty sad that penguinzo didnt play this game

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