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PRO Players SHOCKED By BEST Fortnite Update EVER.. John Wick SKIN Is FAKE?

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PRO Players SHOCKED By BEST Fortnite Update EVER.. John Wick SKIN Is FAKE?


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50 comentarios

  1. Legenzds dice:

    You can have two skins saying same name bruh two dif versions get real they already got a John wick season 3 version

  2. Dgeorge99 __ dice:

    Scroll down on yt see “pro players shocked”!!!! Well that’s the Fortnite guy

  3. qauke 12 dice:

    Hypex doesn't lie about leaks

  4. Zerulux dice:

    Hypex is the most famous fortnite leaker

  5. Unit Tmv dice:

    Still needs pumps and siphon ..

  6. why does non of the streamers know that the new john wick 3 movie coming up so epic games are doing a john wick skin

  7. ItsEmber dice:

    penis penis penis penis

  8. Edwurrd dice:

    How come I can’t see my teammates kills??

  9. Skully dice:

    Hypex is a very trusted leaker

  10. Keanu Filip dice:

    He is always right (Hypex)

  11. Looks real. Wouldn’t be surprised if Keanu made a deal with Epic. That back bling is trash tho, probably has to do with the movie

  12. Sedi Sedi dice:

    As it was sayed,the new gun is not that much effective at long range so….what do you want more?

  13. calum noel dice:

    50 health per kill 😩

  14. FJ dice:

    The fortnite news page says tick tock mr wick

  15. The reload animation of the new gun is directly from John Wick (1) nice

  16. Nate dice:

    The new gun seems balanced.

  17. MrKatScripts dice:

    Yes, the John Wick skin is real because Happy Power is very very reliable leaker on YouTube. Leaked it out too

  18. If its fake its very good fake

  19. Demify dice:

    They need to make the drum gun do less damage on buildings. Still they need to vault it this is a shit attempt in trying to shut us up. The drum gun is still good but the problem is that the guns are to spray and pray and the large bloom makes it luck based. You can have your crosshair on someone and ur shots will miss. This is a bad thing to to in a game.

  20. This update is meh dont know why people are so gassed

  21. Bean GG dice:

    Anyone notice this guy sides with "pro players" every time. Also dakotaz isnt a pro player btw;) content creator bud.


  23. Iron kak dice:

    Your title made it seem like pump was back… rip

  24. Did you moved on from doing clickbait

  25. Rob Blinn dice:

    What more can we ask for? hmmm idk maybe fix the bugs that have been in the game for three seasons

  26. Legenzds dice:

    They needa release the reaper battle pass version and add a og style for the ogs only

  27. كروس dice:

    Btw hypex is 100% accurate i knew his channel waaay before fortnite and he never faked anything

  28. Lucas dice:

    Lol you are fucking retarded if you think that John Wick skin is coming to the game.

  29. Asta Maya dice:

    Isnt the reaper skin john wick

  30. Hamza Saleem dice:

    Hypex is very very accurate

  31. Eon Max dice:

    It was a very good path honestly

  32. Brain Axe dice:

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that regular solos have 5-10 people in a rotating zone?

  33. Neptwo dice:

    dang i was expecting materials to be vaulted

  34. Moc dice:

    What can we ask for? What do you mean dawg? What about the pump?

  35. WIV_ PRO dice:

    Look at the News menu on fortnite who is laughing out

  36. JollyPlant dice:

    Hypex is very credible TFG!

  37. Raining-H dice:

    This isnt the best update ever lmao. Is it good yes. But not the best ever

  38. Lemon dice:

    the john wick skin is in the files and hypex is very trustful, hes been leaking for a long time and they are accurate

  39. Any Lads? dice:

    There all ready is a John wick skin though.. if there is a new one than the battle pass is a scam… because a battle pass description says “exclusive” and adding that skin would no longer make the others skin exclusive.

  40. Vzhmlfawefaf dice:

    Why does Tfue have 2 epic games launchers

  41. xLynxii dice:

    They fuckked up turbo building

  42. See guys, I don't decide if Epic makes good decisions or how pro players react to it. I'm just here to cover all the news and everyone's opinions along with mine! Hope you enjoyed a happy video about Epic though!

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