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*NEW* Fortnite Update *RIGHT NOW* |  NEW TACTICAL ASSAULT RIFLE & FREE REWARDS (Patch Notes v9.01)

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Fortnite Fortnite v9.01 Patch Notes just DROPPED and we take a look at the new Fortnite JOHN WICK LTM rewards, new STW Skins and tactical assault rifle, as well as BUFFING the slipstreams along with all new items and changes this update!

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1) Week 4 Challenges:

2) Fortnite Season 8 WEEK 2 ALL CHALLENGES:

3) Fortnite Season 8 WEEK 1 ALL Challenges (Visit all pirate camps & Giant Faces locations):

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34 comentarios

  1. GreyMagix dice:

    USE CODE NOTBODIL40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley Hunt dice:

    It won’t let me get in fortnite for some reason

  3. Larvy Mrabet dice:

    She is too thick for br yo

  4. AshyVinc dice:

    I just got my History exam done, and when I get home I'll build a new desk

  5. Who ever wanna play with a. Black knight add me well start an og clan

  6. HybridMaster dice:

    50th Comment!! Yay my earliest comment

  7. Darknèss dice:

    You know the drill
    1- lol
    2- lol
    3- lol
    4- ok I’m gonna stop I’m tired

  8. gaming bg dice:

    Много як клип

  9. Eweryko dice:

    Go back to trolling sky on Minecraft

  10. Jerrytastic dice:

    I'm fucking unsubscribing. This is the reason. Fortnite videos in 2019.

  11. Vision_Clan dice:

    bkdjensnqkajdksisiosk what are you saying

  12. Xd Yelo dice:

    Hi bodil can you shout me out you have to but I would love it

  13. Hey i am in California its 2:54 am i saw that there was an update i am updating it right now have a good day:)

  14. 2:17 he is faking his accent??? He speaks perfect English for few secs

  15. P90 the best SMG? You're drunk

  16. Update on mobile is like 10 years before they release it😒😒😒

  17. Theis Dramon dice:

    I like the fortnites
    Leave a like i you want to game end Yousef

  18. Mat Mag dice:

    10:41 min

  19. N1kHouT85 dice:

    It’s like your speaking Spanish

  20. Carter Brass dice:

    Thanks for showing the update for me because I play mobile and the update is not available yet.

  21. I know you you use to play I use to be big fan

  22. FeelsGoodMan dice:

    First time seeing you in my sub feed for a year

  23. Hello sir big fan plzplzplzplzplz like my comment

  24. Nic B dice:

    press the like button on the vid 2 bring back og drum gun damage 😢😢😢😭😭😭

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