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*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Easy 1000 Free Vbucks, New Map Teaser, John Wick!

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Fortnite New Update – Easy 1000 Free Vbucks, New Map Teaser, and the John Wick event is what we discuss today!

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20 comentarios

  1. What if u already did 2 step verification

  2. Seen both of the John Wick movies. Can't wait for the new one.

  3. I got a new car and i used code thecampingrusher

  4. DragonYT12 dice:

    What is wrong with people if you are a leaked you should know that In creative polar peak castle got things that haven’t happened in Be I think it will melt but not destroy the castle

  5. Ultron1153 dice:

    What about people who already have 2FA?

  6. When he showed the description of the new gun it said “robust and precise” Those who watched John Wick 2 will understand.

  7. What if you already did do the 2FA to get the boogie down emote. Can we do it again for the $10?

  8. Im Orkan dice:

    The drum gun got hit but it’s still a great smg

  9. PewDie Pie dice:

    What day will John wicks event come out?

  10. Just, Just, Use Code TheCampingRusher

  11. Did anyone else notice the big rock in the volcano? 5:18

  12. Its Hunter dice:

    Hey Camping Rusher what if you already have done the 2FA? DO I STILL GET THE VBCUKS FOR ALREADY HAVING IT!! PLEASE READ!!!

  13. The snow biome shouldn’t melt because of pollution but of Global Warming

  14. goastmouse dice:

    I think there is a giant creature that is trapped inside the glacier of polar peak that would explain the big foot print over there!

  15. Can’t believe I watched this during the trip

    Btw I love your vid use code TheCampingRusher

  16. Riley Adams dice:

    Slipstreams are just giant Dyson Bladeless fans, Subliminal messaging, Illuminati Confirmed.

  17. verge ll dice:

    i changed my name like 3 days ago lol

  18. StormHusky dice:

    What if you already have 2FA?

  19. Thanks for watching! What are your thoughts on the upcoming Fortnite John Wick Event? Also, be sure to use Code TheCampingRusher and check out my previous video: TVs Turned On –

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