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NEW Baller Vehicle Gameplay – Fortnite Battle Royale

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33 comentarios

  1. SurfyThunder dice:

    Way happy to see the heavy AR dropped from legendary cause in close range skirmishes I always regret having one because of the slow fire rate I always rely on a uncommon AR's and above or scar of any sorts

  2. Xtrux dice:

    Noob Default Skin in my vid

  3. Martyn seems to be having a… ball! 😉

  4. Gg Playaz dice:

    I thintk thwt the baller was like from jurassic park

  5. Jr Madden dice:

    There's always one at the block

  6. this footage was recorded becuse in the bigining you were going forword without having your hand on the keyboard

  7. its not called "Baller" it is called "Bubble Mobile"

  8. BigNate74 dice:

    Ok I’ll admit, this is cool
    But I can’t help but think this one of many “overwatch did it better” moments in a shooter game
    For those wondering, it’s a overwatch character named wrecking ball that’s literally a hamster ball mech

  9. JackSere dice:

    9:51 the new Spider-Man game looking great-

  10. In tilted Towers there's a few vending machines

  11. Sam Cheung dice:

    Lmao Jurassic world much

  12. SASOBA dice:

    Play raft wars it’s amazing

  13. You forgot to show the new ancmashens for chug jug

  14. So they thought it would be good to copy apex and overwatch???

  15. Hi u are my favourite YouTube's

  16. Zenta dice:

    unpopular opinion.. But I don't like how crazy this game is getting.. But that's just me

  17. Hamy dice:

    I remember watching u when prison was there . Good days

  18. NeonMinx dice:

    you can destroy builds just need a boost

  19. Chris _ dice:

    This is similar to the ball gadget from Spyro : A Hero's Tail. I like it.

  20. Sweet another British fortnite player

    Like if you're British like me

  21. so martyn…. the baller actualy does destroy structures, just not that great… each time you bounce of a structure it damage's the structure if its a wood wall it gets instantly destroyed 😛

    P.s. the baller is great i just got a baller only win :p

  22. A Rtm dice:

    wow, so now there just taking names from splatoon, great.

  23. Stop calling patch 8.10 patch 8.01

  24. It's the hamster from overwatch

  25. tanya finlay dice:

    Also their is new animations

  26. its been YEARS ever since I checked in with your channel!

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