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Murder FORTNITE  MYSTERY *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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We play Murder Mystery in #Fortnite! The Classic game we’ve recreated in Fortnite Creative Mode! Fortnite Creative Minigame in a Subway
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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu – Such Fun
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44 comentarios

  1. Elements dice:

    Is ssundee using epic setting

  2. frags dice:

    Everyone that subs to me ill sub back to You

  3. Do this thing once again later….it’s so much fun😜😜😜

  4. plls help me out in my wifi my wifi is very slow i want help pls pray for me
    pne pray = one goooooood wifi 🙂 pls

    help me out ~~~~!~~~~!~~~~!~~~~!~~~~!~~~~!~~~~!~~~~!

  5. phuc phan dice:

    The survival should have boogies bombs 🙂

  6. one like = that tommarrow will be the day when i will get a good wifi pls LEAVE A LIKE !!!

  7. Krax Karkax dice:

    To celebrate the New Year, everyone who replies to this comment i will subscribe too
    Happy New Years!!!

  8. Rustzz dice:


  9. LIGHT DRAGON dice:

    SSundee tried so hard not to curse at 7:42😆😂

  10. Press Read More 😀

    I hope you have the best Year ever!!! 😀 😀 😀

  11. you got the idea from the roblox murder mystery didnt you?

  12. J top 12 dice:

    Great vid and love God all day all night

  13. Crainer s not telepathetic, he's just pathetic

  14. X! Square dice:

    Lucky block skywars plz

  15. Andrew Green dice:

    @13:54 were turkeys added to fortnite?

  16. weird gamer dice:

    Yes do more of these vids

  17. The ending made me laugh so hard

  18. I already watched part 1

    I know I know

  19. biggest Fan dice:

    Number 2 for trending in gaming💪

  20. Maybe dice:

    everyone has shotgun ammo why do u keep testing it lmao

  21. 19:03 Wait? If you Kill the killer, now you are a killer too 😲

  22. You can't be certain if someone has shotgun ammo that they are not the killer or sherif because they have shotguns too your they would also have shotgun ammo

  23. Haters be like

    Why is he liking his own vids ahh!!!

  24. who remebers when ssundees username was SSundeepoopsalot now its SSundeexd

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