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LaunchBox Tutorials – Emulating PSP in PPSSPP & RetroArch

Posted by @Juegos on febrero - 11 - 2019

In this LaunchBox Tutorial we show you how to get the Sony PSP emulated. We show you how to add the emulator, add the games and how to compress the games down so that they take up less space on your hard drive so you can hold more awesome PSP games.

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Please watch: «LaunchBox Tutorials – Emulating the SNES – How to Set Up Retroarch for Beginners»


31 comentarios

  1. Thank you for another useful tutorial. You mention a compatibility list for compressed ISOs; could you point us to a recent version of this list?


  2. can you do windows PC games I'm soo lost how to add them to lunch box thx

  3. I have not had much success with the ppsspp retroarch core, lots of issues.

  4. Hey man, I liked you wallpaper, can you please give me a link for download? 😀

  5. How to Exit from PPSSPP ? FOr me ESC = Menu of PPSSPP .
    Not back in Launchbox

  6. Yep Nope dice:

    most sources of psp games online are isos split into many different .rar files, would much appreciate it if you showed how to combine these files cause it ain't workin to well for me

  7. Jaded Gamer dice:

    i wish you would have shown folks how to use rocketlaucher with launchbox so that we could have zipped games load into ppsspp and save hundreds of gigabytes

  8. I have the games and the emulator set up in Launch Box. Everything looks good but when I double click a game I get a message of "Can not load game failure to identify file. But I am able to play any game I have if I open it through ppsspp. I assume I missed a step somewhere. Also I'm not using retroarch. Do I have to run retro arch or am I missing something trough the command line or do I not have my games set up correctly for launchbox. Thank you the videos are a great help it gives me faith to try tackling hyperspin again someday.

  9. I have a question. Can I pay you to do this for me. I am not computer savvy nor am I patient enough to go through all these steps for PSP and Sega Saturn etc emulator set ups etc. I have passed the age of being a computer genie. I guess if I can send you a FlashDrive and you can put the emulator and games etc bio files, whatever is needed, so I can just install from the flashdrive to my laptop and play and enjoy. Not sure how much you would charge, but it would be nice if you can and, well, just let me know and we go from there. P.S I called my local Gamestop and asked some kid that works there if he can do this for me, and he gave me a whole speech how its illegal and its emulator copywright yata yata yata, etc. Whatever.
    Anyways, let me know please thanks.

  10. One of my actual PSP games the disk was messed so it kept asking if i wanted to close the game. I got the iso file and added it to my SD card that never pops up and it loads way quicker like you said about the file loading quicker than a disk.

  11. Billy Marte dice:

    I get lost when you are at the associated platforms page , how do i get there ?

  12. I have launchbox, retroarch and ppsspp installed but when i go to add an emulator to my launchbox there is no ppsspp option or any psp option. I see all kinds of other emulator type under name but not the psp option. I also see retroarch under the name dropdown. could you explain how to add a new emulator in launchbox that does not show up?

  13. babada dice:

    where is the list of games to not compress?

  14. Larry Miller dice:

    I keep getting a ppge_atlas.zim error. I try to put the entire assets folder in the PPSSPP directory, but RetroArch still comes up with the error. Also, I keep getting WriteRest: op out of range (0x7ff9ee6d197e uses 0x462d1e0) for GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. Is there a way to fix these problems.

  15. IzeIzeBaby dice:

    Pee Pee SS Pee Pee… LOL!!!!!
    Anyway… nice tutorial 😀

  16. Has the PSP retroarch core been improved since this video?

  17. mitchel dizy dice:

    Where do you guys download your game files from?

  18. Jed Amundson dice:

    When I go to associated platforms, psp doesn't show up. Anybody have a solution?

  19. rwprime1 dice:

    I'm confused here. Please help. I have psp / .iso and pspminis / .cso game roms – You have the opposite. You have .cso for psp. I have these in two different folders. Do I just import them as all the same system / platform? As I understand it, these were two totally different handhelds. Appreciate your help. If pspminis is a different platform, please do a tutorial. I searched and couldn't find anything.

  20. LaunchBox It's dust in the eye, it's a shit😣

  21. I looked at the vid and mr.fakey the one that made the video he didnt even click on ppssp theres no sony ppsspp cause you see him click on some bullshit not sony psp you can see what im saying from 3:233:26

  22. btw why dont launchbox and retroarch collide to make a great emulator maybe like launchbox has stable emulators that work mostly all the time but retroarch has non-stable emulators that are laggy as shit sometimes

  23. but just use the emulator alone you dont need to use a emulator with retroarch or Launchbox

  24. How do I change the default emulator? Even thought I have changed it in the options to use only ppsspp, launchbox keeps opening Retroarch…

  25. rommel cruz dice:

    thank you for all your tutorial a big help for me i set this all up in my gpd win works perfectly.again thank you.

  26. metalaras999 dice:

    i didnt know i had to add the emulators as well i was adding the games and tell it where to look for the .exe of the emulator i wanted to use for them for ex. ps1 games i used the epsxe ,for ps2 pcsx2 etc. and they playing just fine but in the list of consoles on launchbox i only have the console names and the games in every one of them ? if i purchased the bigbox do i have to put the emulator in the list in launcbox in order to show in bigbox ???

  27. before 2:30 im so confused how your setting this up!

  28. Blaise yt dice:

    this is works great check my live stream to see proof, btw subscribe lol, not to me by this genius for making our lives easier

  29. Rob Wood dice:

    Good to learn about YACC 😀 unfortunately their website seems to be down. Is there a mirror to download it?

  30. DARK KING dice:

    everytime i open a game in launchbox using ppsspp it open then close without any crash how to fix it ?