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JOHN WICK SKIN + Items *FREE* In Fortnite Battle Royale! (John Wick Fortnite)

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JOHN WICK SKIN + Items *FREE* In Fortnite Battle Royale! (John Wick Fortnite)
Are you guys excited for Fortnite John Wick ? Let me know!
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45 comentarios

  1. Decoy dice:

    IM THE 2ND veiwer bang I've been here since 5k subs I remember all the agario Vids and streams. look at you now 205k subs keep it up man

  2. Mor_ fix dice:

    Most of the people know John wick cuz of the reaper skin lmao

  3. goku black dice:

    Bang the guy with a hot voice ✨


  5. Saad Waghoo dice:

    I'm soooo hyped for this event cuz I have watched both chapter of it!!!!

  6. Noah Unknown dice:

    Eyyy im a beggar, so can somebody gift me the skin😂

  7. Duyck5 dice:

    You domt knoww who sophia is hahaha someone isnt a true John Wick fan and watched the new trailer 😂

  8. Jivarau dice:

    Ahh now I don't feel bad about missing John Wick in season 3, I friggin love the films and got John wick in Payday 2 when they released that a few years back.

  9. Octra dice:

    This is probably a selectable style.

  10. Sophia is a new character in the new John Wick she’s apparently and old friend of John Wicks and helps him outrun his bounty. She’s played by Halle Berry you’re welcome

  11. also looking for people to Get in my videos and play with me full time all you got to do is be cool a little toxic and funny (Fortnite/Apex)but first you got to do is Subscribe and comment on my newest video and turn on post notification Because i will announce my new partner(s) and like thus comment

  12. Wow rip season 3 Reapers feelings

  13. JustxnSZN dice:

    Only people who remember flush factory can like this ❤️😊

    I’m also Underrated 💯👀

  14. Mason Myhan dice:

    Reaper and John wick are the same person

  15. YungDesiree dice:

    In the basement there's a chest under the floor and in the movie he buried his guns under it and all his assassin stuff when he retired. Cool little Easter egg.

  16. damaged version probably will be changed automatically in game

  17. Tha Goat dice:

    It would be so nice if they made a new trusty no.2

  18. Get off my skin coach lol jk love your videos and Use code Bang

  19. Im super hyped for the skin, epic take my money!

  20. Lord Savage dice:

    Aww man i thought the John Wick skin was unlockable cuz other youtubers always say the john wick skin is unlockable but when i watched this the unlockable item is just a big ugly backbling coin 😭

  21. fox gaming dice:

    John wick is gonna be free??

  22. Aeiir0 dice:

    No thanks ill take my og Reaper skin from season 3

  23. Hutch &Such dice:

    They ruined Halle berry's face

  24. Ksnave02 dice:

    You shouldn’t have to pay for the skin

  25. Never thought I’d see the day my season 3 John wick skin become og.

  26. Danny Gary dice:

    The John wick is going to be free

  27. Para-Bellum actually means prepare for war

  28. I may not have any money but I will try to get the skin

  29. Danny Gary dice:

    If y’all think I am right like my comment

  30. duolingo 2 dice:

    Can some on add me who's good to win a game of wicks bounty???

  31. TiNii boyy dice:

    3:24 of pure quality content

    Man i love ur channel!!

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