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I WASN’T READY FOR THAT! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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►Justice Skolnik – Glow (ft. Jeremy Zucker)


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31 comentarios

  1. Kind of sad you would knock on the small players that didn't have it as easy as you to blow up. I just don't see it your way but I didn't grow up with a gold spoon so different points of view

  2. Sean Telling dice:

    100% the most funny and entertaining streamer to watch

  3. Chris Clark dice:

    If you did a shot everytime he says 'bro' you'd die of alcohol poisoning

  4. Swooshii dice:

    I’m grinding for chronic
    Trying to get recognized in the community
    Sub so chronic can see 🙏🏾

  5. sonia leal dice:

    Hahaha I swear he cracks me up with the things he says 🤣

  6. botoxmafia dice:

    So far this is the only fortnite tool wich worked perfectly for me: fortnite. host

  7. What weren't you ready for?

  8. Yo…I always thought Nickmercs lived in that purple box wtf

  9. I love your game play man but how didn't you take any fall damage at 19:51

  10. Amazing how noobs make it to the end smdh

  11. Deacs Smitty dice:

    If you go to 6:20 youll see a rare sight of nick farming mats 😊

  12. Hi my name is Abdullah if you keep reading this nickmercs I just wanted to play with you because I’m turning 10 in a bit and I was struggling with depression and my mother and father got deforced and I wanted to play with soo badly because you help me and inspire me if you want to play with me which would mean everything to me my epic games is amalsabah09

  13. Bro hes right football injuries SUCK I fractured my back this season and got scoliosis

  14. Im KraX dice:

    It's so easy to get high kill games on console man. The caliber of players on PC is just so much higher

  15. slope unblocked at slopex is really fun even if you dont do well

  16. Question Nick…. Will you be getting Gears 5 when it drops? And if so, how will you balance between Gears and FortNite?

  17. peter lion dice:

    How the hell this guy doesn’t get sniped more often

  18. He is so fucking beautiful damnnnnnn

  19. BulbinoBBox dice:

    Nick can t build…but is good player…

  20. Chad Morin dice:

    Love the videos Nick keep it up

  21. Join my discord and subscribe to my yt

  22. Youssef Ezz dice:

    11:50 what was he being hit with, what weapon does 9 damage and then 8 damage and it doesn't sound like an smg

  23. Jazmin Lopez dice:

    12:15 who else was waiting for him to get that 1 extra hp from the campfire?

  24. Raul Vera dice:

    This guy thinks people gonna watch his 20 minute long ass videos. Stop being a lazy fuck and edit them or stop being cheap and pay somebody to do so

  25. FizzyMagnet dice:

    why do you have Scorpion in the thumbnail but you use Lynx? smh my head shake

  26. Mike Nolan dice:

    youre so much more humble than other streamers… so refreshing

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