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SUB and LIKE the video! How to Transfer Skins between accounts in Fortnite How to Merge Accounts Fortnite Battle Royale, In this video I talk about how account merging the long awaited feature which was arrived works in fortnite and how to use it to be able to send skins from a different console on a different account to your current console profile, SUBSCRIBE for MORE Fortnite Battle Royale!

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34 comentarios

  1. Can this work with ps4 to ps4???

  2. Luminus dice:

    It’s saying the two accounts are the same

  3. Blazzing dice:

    Can you merge like 3 accounts?

  4. Zarzy dice:

    Can you and your friend merge account and both of you have all your skins and the other persons, or does all the skins go to one account

  5. Matrix dice:

    Does anybody have an account that I can merge with?

  6. can i merge my friends account(pc)to mine (ps4)

  7. loak3d kirk dice:

    doesn't work for me, they never send verification email.

  8. Could you merge multiple account like if I want to merge my and epic account to my ps4?

  9. ACID ET7rmd dice:

    Can u merge some skins and not all

  10. Yuh Grant dice:

    Ur trash who tf still builds 1 by 1ns in season 7😑

  11. luCxz dice:

    Can I merge one Xbox account with another

  12. T L dice:

    It only disables the fort nite account ay not the psn account???

  13. Rescind dice:

    Can I transfer my skins to another account? Like how it used to be before they took it out

  14. Isaac Gomez dice:

    Guys the security code won’t send to my email

  15. Why It will says this : Sorry, it seems that your account is not eligible for merge due to the date it was created or linked.

  16. Lennon Simms dice:

    So the primary is the one you keep with all the stuff you already had and all the stuff from the other account right and the secondary will be left with no stuff in the end right

  17. TrueRedBeam dice:

    Why do I have to play on console before September 28th I think that is just dumb

  18. will my wins reset if i merge and xbox acc to my main ps4 acc

  19. I have a question. So let’s say I have two accounts and I want to merge. I merge account 1 to account 2. If I merge will the items from account 1 double and stay on that account AND go on account two? Or will all the things get deleted from account 1 and get transferred to account 2.

  20. So if you account merge from account #1 to account #2 do all the skins and thins ho away on account #1

  21. Skadi 神 dice:

    It says that i cant merge cause the date of when my acc was linked

  22. My account was made in season two but it said I’m not eligible because of the date

  23. DJDYLANPLAYZ dice:

    epic holds the merge for 2 weeks just like steam does when trading items its so if your acclunt got accessed by a random and they try to merge it the main owner you would be notified so they can decline it if they wanted to.

  24. Can this happen between Ps4 and Ps4?

  25. bbsmalls dice:

    Can you merge more than once

  26. Nick Snoke dice:

    Can you merge battlepass skins

  27. Ya Bou dice:

    Will it transfer wins and stats

  28. The Goblin dice:

    Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! <3
    Support a creator = thegoblinyt

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