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Let’s play Minecraft on the newest Vech’s Super Hostile map «Iceolation» which features a temperature mechanic so now you have to avoid freezing to death while trying not to die in a fire!!
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Outro art by Kazzr & Kong:
Outro track is «There It Is» by Kevin Macleod (

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Jason Shaw:
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49 comentarios

  1. This kind of map section is what makes me wish we had the 1.13 swim mechanics. That just plain rocks.

  2. taekookies.s dice:

    Omg I was having a full nostalgia moment yesterday with my friends and I remembered watching your survive and thrive series when I was like 9! I decided to search you up and you’re still going strong! 😪 you were one of the first YouTubers I ever watched so I just want to say keep on doing what you’re doing bud😔👏

  3. Chic Gamer dice:

    That was a great video! For the next one, maybe we could go up the waterfall from where you were mining. It looked like there was some light up there… =)

  4. thank you for making these, paul. it’s always comforting to watch your videos on days when i’m just looking for a bit of solace❤️

  5. JollyPics dice:

    "Now we can leave… Oh no, I forgot all my—"
    technical difficulties please stand by

  6. phennec dice:

    You haven't finished Intersection 1 yet, technically speaking. Hm, I played this map in early access and I went up that waterfall, and not down. Now that you went through the underwater tunnel I know exactly where you are. Ah ha! I just love Vechs' maps. He makes them so interesting. When you go back for more diamonds take a Fortune or Silk Touch Pickaxe with you. Again, I want to say that I am so thrilled you are doing this series.

  7. DrTMoneyDog dice:

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I personally don't like the added brightness affect. At least when it started at 14:42

  8. I don't know if this comment will be of help to you, but remember: All waterfalls have a source, and endstone is out of place. I hope that is sufficiently helpful without spoiling anything.

  9. Vgy1592 dice:

    Having also watched Vechs's dev commentary of the map… I feel like Paul knows Vechs better than Vechs knows Vechs. Paul just predicts treasures and hazards that Vechs continually forgot until they smacked him in the face.

  10. nineballing1 dice:

    I am so glad that you are playing a vex map. I really enjoyed the ones you played in the past. Vex seems to be up to all his old tricks.

  11. Cyclome1101 dice:

    21:38 "I think this is a HOLE new area" badumm tss

  12. 333Liger dice:

    Hey Paul Brightening It Up Does Help But It's Still A Blurry & Dark Video Even For Us?

    Paul What's The Recording Bitrate On Your Video It Seems Low Or It's Just Me Hmm?

  13. It looked like there was something at the top of the waterfall that lead into the sunken mine, I swear I saw a light somewhere near the top.

  14. Cyberra 01 dice:

    There is void down there… And watch out for creepers.

    Heh, at least you didn't blunder into the creepers and get 'sploded like Vechs did down there. That mossy brick area was a creeper spawner

  15. Joe Marlow dice:

    I'm worried about this guy he's losing subs quite rapidly

  16. Jan Morabito dice:

    Very good video today. I love to see it. Now you have enough diamonds for Armor and pick so pls do it direckly and pl do not make iron armor. I think it is unnessusary.

  17. Amber Judy dice:

    Talking about the diamonds and I remember the old LPs..YOU MISSED CLAY!! Haaa.

  18. I like the "you guys can see better than I can" comment in what appeared to be the podcast segment of the video.

  19. Hi paul, what's the name of the first background song in the video?

  20. Ritesh Singh dice:

    I assume you are purposefully not block the water fall so you don’t have to swim around and just ladder yourself up and down so you can preserve the map.

  21. Recneps34 dice:

    PAUL!! You missed clay!!

    Someone else has to get this reference.

  22. Sukanta Paul dice:

    Hey Paul, I really love to watch you playing Minecraft. I really miss MWM. Waiting for years for a new series.

    Even if not MWM, please do some role play like that… You are a real actor man.

  23. Sukanta Paul dice:

    Your Minecraft Survive & Thrive series is my GET INTO MINECRAFT. Awesome 👍. Keep playing.

  24. Go back to your old minecraft content, I dont like 1.8-1.13

  25. Emily Neri dice:

    You can’t breathe under water, but you can talk under water? 🤔

  26. Emily Neri dice:

    Who knew oxygen can help you see better!?

    Eat your daily dose of oxygen, kids!

  27. Oh my god, I'm gonna cry he still makes Minecraft videos! I used to watch this when I was so little, prolly 8 or 9, I'm 15 now. I am literally crying. There is liquid coming from my eyes. Oh my god.

  28. cough cough… you missed the whole first area on the opposite side of the bridge by Talia's scout base …cough cough

  29. Guess what, Paul? My night vision is so bad that you see better unassisted than I see with the brightness.

    You: Look, diamonds.

    Me: Um, okay, if you say so.

  30. Feisty Blade dice:

    I been watching you since Punch wood island and the wizard series.

  31. Feisty Blade dice:

    I need to see another's Episode

  32. You Vechs' super hostile play throughs are the very reason I started watching youtube! I saw the thumbnail for "Waking Up" way back in the day after watching a tutorial about how to get free minecraft (I was ten at the time) I watch all four episodes available at the time, and was devastated when I learned there were no more. That's when I learned about YouTube accounts and subscribing, this was the first channel i subbed to, as well as the first channel I constantly watch videos from! Nice to see a return of the super hostile maps! Makes me feel care free again, now with the stress of diploma exams and university applications. Thank you!

  33. Jam Com dice:

    Theres a secret dungeon at the top of the valley

  34. Night vision and water breathing potions would be great for mining there

  35. Mike Emmons dice:

    if you block the flow, wont the water drain into the void?

  36. "Biggus Diggus Lode Mine" someone's seen Life of Brian XD :p

  37. xeagaort dice:

    The awesome content gets me here.

    The age of mythology music gets me coming back.

  38. RockyJW 41 dice:

    Hitting me right in my nostalgia Paul. Your Super Hostile and Survive and thrive series was what got hooked on Minecraft years ago and still am. Thanks for the great memories!

  39. RockyJW 41 dice:

    Hitting me right in my nostalgia Paul. Your Super Hostile and Survive and thrive series was what got hooked on Minecraft years ago and still am. Thanks for the great memories!

  40. koreankorra dice:

    paul has 1.5M subs now???? i remember when he hit 100k 😭

  41. GuyFoxy Inc. dice:

    Look at the top of the waterfall, its all lit up

  42. he Paul can you do more 1.14 please?

  43. Jason Johns dice:

    Make a fishing rod to catch fish, then make a water breathing potion and some night vision

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