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Fortnite made me buy every skin…

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Fortnite made me buy every skin…

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34 comentarios

  1. I'm crying for the blue burst

  2. how daare uuu insult tacticalsss? (jk but i still lik it) and i remember when ppl argued if the scar or rare burst was better, to all the FAMASS bois out there, that wasnt in the game thne

  3. the bursts just needs a bloom buff honestly the purple and gold one is shat compared to the common to blue. they also need to make the damage difference between scars and bursts I say make the burst have 1 extra damage

  4. Metro Games dice:

    You must buy the battle pass

  5. It doesn't help if you keep moving while shooting so really that was your fault

  6. Lays Nate dice:

    Top left

    Puts it in top right

  7. daniel riem dice:

    you are the best streamer in the world

  8. Don’t sub to me, don’t you dare

  9. Tfue don’t buy they will get you to buy skins then unvault them like if you agree

  10. What is his home screen lol

  11. Tbh back in season 3 i used to grab a blue burst instead of a purple scar. It was that broken. And then the famas came and ruined everything

  12. Oyun Polik dice:

    hey.tfue whatsap may nigga

  13. Cyebug dice:

    For everyone asking: 50,000 views = £50 on youtube…So 1 million views = £1000…he will make around £6000 on this video

  14. One use of code "Tfue" = 1 prayer of less scam bots in the future

  15. TheLivingBee dice:

    Technically, you didnt have to buy skins since the epic and legendary variants still exist.

  16. Bro u make a ton of money why do u care about buying horrible things

  17. Nolan Sowers dice:

    Ready for epic to drop the trash bag glider

  18. Denis dice:

    Nееd V-Вυcks gυуʂ??,,
    V-Вυcks for You!! ➦>

  19. Everbody go subcribe to my youtube channel is my birthday 🎁

  20. Jack Resnick dice:

    the harpoon axe looks like a peanus

  21. aslam memon dice:

    You should have bought the battle pass

  22. TSG RAGE dice:


    Literally what u came for

  23. This is actually a video
    Not a cut from stream
    Am I right??

  24. Unknown dice:

    Account with every skin ever released hmu with inquiries !!!

  25. Brex _667 dice:

    I thìnk we can agree that the six shooter was worse than the burst

  26. Woofer Doog dice:

    Support a creator is tfue!

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