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Fortnite HIGH STAKES CHALLENGES v2 GUIDE! – NEW Crystal Fogosidad Rewards! (Battle Royale Update)

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Fortnite High Stakes challenges v2 guide featuring the new Crystal Fogosidad back bling rewards! We also cover how to win matches of The Getaway LTM and how to pickup a jewel easily. These unlock some skins/items that are both new and old. As for the gameplay, it’s a recent solo win I had so enjoy 🙂
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39 comentarios

  1. I already have the ruby llama by the time I’m making this comment

  2. I would love to know if it only works with the skin? If you can reply that would be awesome!

  3. JGSnaker10 dice:

    Dumb fuck, I don’t need An 11 min video on challenges like “win a game”

  4. If you got a win during the first high stakes event do you automatically get the green style for the crystal llama

  5. DA BEAST dice:

    Do the wins still count to the umbrella

  6. I so sad my much oh pick axe is the crowbar

  7. Cameron Frye dice:

    What gamemode do you guy recommend?

  8. Monika EXE dice:

    Who else has the ruby Llama already

  9. winning is not easy man i have yet to get one winning game it is not easy too many try hard's damn

  10. Hi guys!😊 I just want to say have a wonderful day/life! and never let any Anybody get you Down and remember you are loved!!!❤

    coming from a small Youtuber that does fortnite gameplay videos! as well as other games!!! stay strong and be positive!🥰😀👍

  11. Love ur vids! Bet you won’t like

  12. Ethereal 9 dice:

    I was playing with randoms and they drove an atk with the jewel. So I guess that answers your question

  13. Ed Rodriguez dice:

    Nice video, can I add you as friend in Xbox and play some duos?

  14. Spencer Boyd dice:

    I did random squads and met a god player in NA West and he helped me get them done

  15. Change the much places because I hire everytime

  16. Big Man Ben dice:

    Nooo! I didn't get the crowbar last time and it didn't come back 🙁

  17. Nick B. dice:

    Like this only if here before 100k views

  18. Carl Britton dice:

    You can also get a win got been the last person standing as well as that's how me and my mate for a win by killing the last few people and then letting the storm kill us and it still got the win

  19. Thellamasir, i love you and your channel and if you see this can you like and comment a heart

  20. I already won 3 games I'll make sure to win 5 then ill do the grappler challenge

  21. I nearly done all of them is 1 day I have 2 more and I start on the 14th

  22. If only they had The Getaway stuff for Creative mode

  23. Akanihu Naza dice:

    To the llamasir are you going to be doing a giveaway to the llamasir

  24. CrazyAimbot dice:

    I had the whole wildcard set og rip

  25. Sam Barrand dice:

    I won all 5 games for the back blings back to back solo squad.
    And did you know that if ur the last person standing and u have the jewel u still get the win?
    Yeah I was the last one alive and died to fall damge but still got it as a win.

  26. That clutch win at the end with no mats was crazy!!!!

  27. need two more wins to unlock the white llama

  28. I feel like my start for winning (I won using this)
    I landed where the van was and then eliminate the person with the jewel and go to the van

  29. Cheeseburger dice:

    Need 2 missions for crowbar

  30. PUBG sucks dice:

    Anyone willing to help me finish my challenges for highstakes. Sadly I cant use mic and I play on mobile
    Epic user: BestPresident_1

  31. Lor C dice:

    How do u get the crowbar

  32. Itsyoboy Ayo dice:

    I did all challenges with 5 wins add me Lol.Ayo I play 10:00 am

  33. JaKeDaPiG _ dice:

    Here’s something land on the safe in the air easy dubs

  34. A personal opinion, i have a strategy that 50% of the time guarantees you a win,
    Grab a ball vehicle and drive around the map waiting for people to die or escape, then when most of the people are dead try to go for a jewel, by then you will be the last person on the map, get the a van and
    Congratulations You have Won! Now all you need to do is DO THAT 4 MORE TIMES (earape for the bold part)

  35. TheLlamaSir dice:

    Remember to LIKE the video if you're excited for this new stuff!

    Are you guys glad this LTM is back? 🙂

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