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Fortnite Fortbyte #81 Location – Accessible in the daytime near a mountain top cactus wedge

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49 comentarios

  1. That's convenient that's one of my drop spots

  2. Solo Polo dice:

    Short and to the point. Cheers mate!

  3. bro why my texteur load slow why help me balizz

  4. Nigward dice:

    How do you get rock love spray

  5. AJ dice:

    Martyn I'm so happy these videos are doing well for you. It's fantastic to have short and concise videos for these (sometimes difficult to find) fortbytes, so I hope this level of community support continues for you all season and far beyond!

  6. Jason Brown dice:

    Yeah this dude is cool
    No faking or chatting for 10 minutes about himself 🙏

  7. AXL Law dice:

    So, how do we know when the Fortbytes are available to be collected?

  8. Viper dice:

    I started to follow as soon as i saw those Fortbyte guides,thanks man!

  9. Kalil Smith dice:

    You have to jump on the cactus to get the card

  10. The only person who doesn't talk or scam you for twenty minutes. Short and straight to the point. Great vids

  11. Waiting for a youtuber to upload a 10 mins video just to show this location

  12. Deltary dice:

    It’s the time of the day, I did it in solos and always got kind people dancing until it unlocked lol

  13. Short to the point videos love it

  14. Thanks keep up the good work

  15. JWatchCraft dice:

    It has to be a specific time in Fortnite. RIP

  16. cgpal78 dice:

    Cannot Wait To Unlock This Fortbyte!

  17. Great vid got straight to the point 👍

  18. TippXba dice:

    U know the drill


  19. xSinZ x dice:

    Guys u can access it by destroying all cacti

  20. Matthew Ward dice:

    I’m only going to subscribe for these fortnite videos. Hoping you keep this up and show all of them. Please show all of them. (When the come out of course)

  21. dude fortnite gave me all of the xp fortbytes even the highest one


  23. You should try this i made 10k V Вucks with it 🎁👌

  24. You should try this i made 10k V Вucks with it 🎁👌


  25. David dice:

    thank you, i just subbed

  26. Dipaul0 dice:

    You don’t need a face cam

  27. I wonder what the severer message will mean, hopefully something that is worth all this and not some crappy loading screen

  28. I just subscribed and turn on my notification Bell you my friend deserve every "like" you get your videos are we straight to the point saving us gamers a lot of time.

  29. didn't have to wait half an hour for location wow

  30. I couldn't tell if you had to destroy the cacti or not to trigger this. Anybody experimented with it?

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