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If you play fortnite with a controller on console or PC, you need to start using this. It is the strongest addition to Fortnite in a LONG TIME. If you have great settings for mid range aim, that will make the combat shotgun even stronger.

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Fortnite is the main game on the channel, as I am a season 1 veteran who switched from PS4 to PC with controller.


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23 comentarios

  1. CallMeZaby dice:

    Watching your vids, and I’m still not subbed? What the frick am I doing

  2. Ski Lit dice:

    Sometimes I just go up close with the combat shotgun and then I might hit the enemy for 137 and drum gun them down

  3. Dawn Voss dice:

    I love the combat shotgun smh

  4. Dawn Voss dice:

    UPSHALL! there’s a glitch you can use so you can edit and shoot instantly and it still works! I found this out by myself. What you do is you hold out a weapon that is next to you shotgun in the slots and edit the window. When you click confirm, click R1 or L1 to your shotgun slot and you can instantly fire! Like so upshall can see!

    Edit: it’s not really a glitch but more of a mechanical exploit

  5. GINGERcat D dice:

    It’s basically the brecci from bo3

  6. This video is poppinggggg bro YAYEEEET

  7. 8:14 OG Solo Squad Dubble Pump clean

  8. If you have the sniper next to the combat shotgun and you switch to the combat shotgun the aim box is really big a slowly gets smaller. Check it out it’s weird lol

  9. Zify XXIII dice:

    Ok, I thought the combat shotty was trash. But I think you just changed my mindset of the gun lol

  10. TreeTrunks dice:

    Check out my edits on my page I'm on controller without claw

  11. pig hunter 9 dice:

    Do a sensitivity and setup vid. Plzzzzzzzzz

  12. Jason Loera dice:

    6:12 why you mock Tfue like that tho 😂

  13. Assan Jallow dice:

    if they take away the timer wouldn’t it bring back double pump ?

  14. Pyrex TV dice:

    Your basically asking for double pump to come back which is retarded there was a reason that circle was added and it needs to stay

  15. They won’t because that’s basically double pump

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