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Voice Actors:
Abigail Turner –


Drift gives a eulogy at the funeral of Lynx. Sgt Winter advises that Drift doesn’t go to fight The Ice King alone because he’ll fall right into his hands. Omega, John Wick, Onesie, Powder, Calamity, Dire and so many others come to grieve the loss of the fallen hero. The Ice King made the wrong move killing Lynx and turning Drift to join forces with the evil Prisoner. The Prisoner has Drift join forces with him and they attempt the impossible: cheating death and destroying the Ice King’s kingdom. The Prisoner and Drift decide to take action now. The Prisoner gives Drift a pickaxe to get vengeance. The Prisoner warns Drift that The Ice King has a wife, The Ice Queen. She is as dangerous as him. The secret is to hit the ice king where it hurts…with the flame…in the heart. The Ice King roams around his Ice Castle and finds Snowfoot and Ice Queen. The Ice Queen isn’t doing so well since the melting of the snow on the island. The Snowfall skin’s arrival has plagued the ice king’s progress. The Ice King prepares to battle the Prisoner for a final showdown. The Ice King discusses with Snowfoot that Lynx was no watch for him. Sgt. Winter is back and conspires against The Ice King. The Ice King needs to do some research in order to find a way to defeat The Fire King aka The Prisoner. Drift arrives at the Ice Castle and looks for Ice King. He’s no where to be found. Drift finds Snowfoot. Drift battles Snowfoot, The Ice King’s son. Drift kills Snowfoot. He hears the cries of The Ice Queen. Drift feels bad and won’t hurt The Ice Queen. The Ice Queen searches the ancient library.


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40 comentarios

  1. xskzyj,If you want a hassle free movies downloading then you must need an app like showbox which may provide best ever user friendly interface.

  2. Junior Roque dice:

    Yo wait wait wait… linxs likes omega did you not see the loading screen? She doesn’t like drift drift us season 5 that’s far apart for season 7

  3. I feel like there gonna kill him (the ice king) and his powers are gonna transform into the the Gold Ice King (The last Stage)

  4. I love how drift and the other guy purposely missed there shots XD

  5. The fishtick part tho! 😂😂😂

  6. Riley Parker dice:

    You keep killing me in fortnite

  7. Trinex dice:

    Haha lynx is dead get rekt

  8. amir kayumov dice:

    Wow i thought i had the worst aim in fortnite

  9. Steve King dice:

    Could u please stop trying to make me cry…

  10. Aidan Gee dice:

    I bet it’s another fake deth

  11. Jaxson Post dice:

    Lynx has 9 lives. How did she die?

  12. There was once a tale of a animal, king, mercenary, robot, and a Viking

  13. Maung Aye dice:

    These characters are bots

  14. No entiendo lo que disen pero me gusta

  15. Miguel McCoy dice:

    It looked like he was choking his self ( fishstick)

  16. No User dice:

    (Drifts aim assist was

  17. I heard a John wick reference

  18. Such bad aim
    (Edit) that my aim when i fight someone

  19. Claude Dowie dice:

    Plot twist fire king evil as well

  20. O hope ice king gets brutly beet to death by drifts hands .that hypocrite has i coming like thunder

    Get it drift site is thunder

  21. pyrophaze dice:

    ya kill off lynks? ya bitch she is the fucking best!…. 🙁

  22. Rowan Garcia dice:

    Drift: The ice king killed my wife and I’m here for revenge.

    Snow foot: I won’t let you get to HER.

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