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CF60: Fortnite Switch At E3? Big Teases, Best Games, Smash Bros., and More!

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Will Fortnite Switch FINALLY come out to play? Is E3 going to bring us lots of new Smash Bros. Switch characters? What about this mysterious Purple M tease? Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below!

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27 comentarios

  1. Nii dice:

    SwitchForce, I love everything that you do on your channel, but I was wondering, if both of you could choose one game that you would want to be shown at E3 that hasn't been announced already(ex. Don't say smash or Yoshi) or would you want a new I.P with its own unique game, also(question for Gabe, because he is awesome) which ninja turtle are you going for in the finals of the splat fest tournament?

  2. I wasn't even thinking of a Joycon Pro. I was just speculating that they were going to do some small fixes (better connectivity, etc.). A Joycon Pro would be cool though. They have done much weirder things with their controllers…Labo for one.

  3. Eddie P dice:

    Even with fortnite being free I don't see it coming to the switch. The game is constantly updated. Does anyone remember the issues others had releasing large updates on the switch?

  4. odeh Amarin dice:

    You guys! Don't you think they might show some mobile game Zelda?

  5. i want always want zelda ports. i want skyward sword without motion controls

  6. MaxCulture dice:

    I just got a mid roll ad that cut off Gabe talking about the Switch so that YouTube could show me an ad featuring Gabe talking about the Switch. 👀 SwitchForceception!

  7. gambites3 dice:

    What if they remade Zelda 2

  8. This is what happen when a console don't have any content to cover.

  9. Wildpants dice:

    For smash, I think they will show new modes, the new versions of old characters get shown off, and they will show a few new character trailers.

  10. What do you guys predict regarding the smash bros announcement assuming that this is a new game. I personally think there will be 3 characters announced. One in the main trailer, one in the middle, and a 3rd party/very hype announcement at the end of the presentation.

  11. Angery FRog dice:

    Christian whitehead should port splatoon to mobile and bring fortnite to windows 97

  12. Angery FRog dice:

    "That's alot of m's gabe" "mmh"

  13. If virtual console isn't added now it's not going to be announced cause it might drown out other games cause everyone can't by multiple major titles a month but would virtual console be in a different format like pay 60 dollars for a set of 30 games and you can buy like 25 dollar expansions like a nes expansion snes expansion n64 expansion yes I know by username is awesome

  14. mytears dice:

    Hi Switch-Forcers!
    There's much to say about the Nintendo Switch:

    1) I don't understand their Game-Announcement-Strategy: Why do they announce so many games without releasing them? F.e. Yoshi, Pikmin, Metroid, Pokemon, etc.They shouldn't keep them all warm at once, just go for it step by step.

    2) What's the Thing with the joycons? The starter kit is supercool, but wouldn't it be Logical, amongst neon blue and neon red, to sell a set of neon yellow/neon green? Instead, they sell two yellow cons and a green/pink set. Can't understand that.

    3) There is no reason, imo, not to bring us all the good stuff from the wiiu-time: Ports. I just don't understand why People are upset when Nintendo Releases ports for the Switch, it's the most Logical Thing. Me as a non-wiiu-owner but Switch-gamer: I want them all!

    4) Nintendo has made a big mistake with ARMS. The Design and Music is cool, BUT it is too little. You only move your arms and that's it. If they want to establish a new IP, that would mean: More Imagination, more ideas. Boxing only is too boring.

    5) How the heck could Nintendo ever miss the WorldCup? Mario Strikers would be absolutely perfect for the Switch, and it would sell millions of copies. Too late, it's a pity.

    6) In General: Nintendo should develop the wiisports-mechanism and use it for new cool games. Seriously, People would by this shit if ist made well. The Joycons are full of Technology. Use it, Nintendo

    7) Nobody wants LABO. I'm sorry for it, it's not a bad idea, but People won't spend their Money on it.

    8) If Nintendo wants to make Fortnite on the Switch come true, they have to do it now. Because the Hype is real, everybody Plays it AT THE MOMENT. I don't think this will be the case next year.

    9) Last question: Do you think, Mario Maker Switch is possible in 2018/2019

    Thank you for your Patience 😀 😀 😀

  15. mytears dice:

    Purple and M? Turn it around and you got a 3. Got it?

  16. EJarbinks dice:

    Sooo is comment force Dead?

  17. they don't need to make a majora's mask they have it on n64, gamecube, and 3ds. no means no

  18. Noah Welch dice:


  19. FORTNITE IN SSB!!11!11??!.

  20. Is there a new comment force out yet?

  21. David dice:

    What! Have you guys stopped making CF : (

  22. David dice:

    If you guys cannot come to an agreement on your next tops list, then we want to see you guys duke it out. Winner is factually correct and no one in the comment section can argue the outcome.

  23. Does anybody know what happened to comment force? They haven’t released a new episode in a while…

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