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Bioware HURTING Anthem with Terrible Loot Drops?

Posted by @Juegos on marzo - 14 - 2019

Discussing the issue that has the Anthem Community furious, the lowering of Loot Drops after their accidental buff!



#Anthem is a highly anticipated game that will compete with the Loot-Based MMO RPG Shooters like Destiny 2 and The Division.
In this video we will be discussing what happened with the new Patch 1.0.3. This new update introduced massive buffs to Melee and Ultimate, specifically improving the Ranger and Interceptor Javelins! BUT, it also accidentally buffed the drop rates of loot within anthem, and people loved it! Until it was nerfed. now people are furious.

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42 comentarios

  1. sal marte dice:

    Looter shooter with no looter.

  2. Diego Gc dice:

    Spent around 3 hours in a GM2, two guys quit at the boss and then the gane joined 2 guys at 300 power level this is stupid and besides i inly got 2 masterworks this is stupid imo.

  3. I don’t get wtf is wrong with dipshits lately fucking done with this game it has been something I’ve been looking forward to for so fucking long like pretty much a reason to feel happy and it’s awful barley any meaningful content and then the ass hats do something right by mistake then nerf it there stupid as hell there’s so many things you could do with different inscription it’s okay to let players have loot it’s jot rewarding or worth it to play and it never has been unless it’s been a bug

  4. TimeFreak dice:

    By the time you get the loot needed to complete Grandmaster 3, you'll have no reason to enter Grandmaster 3 because the loot coming out of it is no more powerful than Grandmaster 1.

  5. I also wanted to say I got a holly grail roll flak cannon legendary with double charges 400 percent dmg bonus they seemed like they nerfed it I got it the day before 1.03 it was taking full tabs of boss health in tyrant mine now it barley touches them that’s the shit we need to make gm3 even seem playable I don’t want to shoot at a red bar for 35 seconds that’s not fun I’m fine with going critical in a few hits it’s just not that complicated I swear these guys are ducking stupid BioWare has fallen far from grace

  6. Played thousands of hours of D1 and 2. Just don’t have as much time to send playing anymore. I just hit level 30 in Anthem last night. I’ve really enjoyed it. I know people are saying give me more, give me more, but so far Anthem is in such a better place then D2 at launch. Last two big quests were for guns I had in D1. Own the season pass and don’t know if I’ll spend the time to get the thorn. Only have 1 or 2 hrs a day to play. So far sending it in Anthem. Good take on the the game so far!

  7. Personally, I think Anthem developers havent understood their own loot system yet

  8. I got one and is much , and is for finish the stronghold, and legendary i dont smeel it and dont see it . And i play on day for day 10 to 11 hours for day , loot for me rigth now is trash.

  9. Kimmy Rask dice:

    The game was fun until i hitted lvl 30 and started to grind for loot. Getting 1 masterwork for a stronghold on GM1 is completely worthless. I've stopped playing cause it's just not fun to grind for hours and hours without increases the javelins power.. a big waste of time. A game is supposed to be fun.. I do want the game to be fun cause it's got huge potential, guess I'll keep an eye on your channel for future news on updates. As soon as the loot rate increases I'll start to play again.

  10. LOL Destiny 2 did not launch as bad as ANTHEM.

  11. dead zone312 dice:

    I love this game but the only problem is it doesn't love you back.

  12. Douglas B dice:

    I super agree!!! I got may first masterwork item at level 27 after grinding on a hard stronghold and to my surprise it was a colossus only component!!! I play as a ranger!!! I literally turned off the game in total frustration

  13. Rick Wong dice:

    The loot drops are the least of the problems, the disconnects are atrocious and shouldn’t be this bad with as long as this games been in development!

  14. Greg Penzes dice:

    Game is deleted… no content; no loot and a lot of frustration. Hope bioware will only develop the next tetris game and nothing more

  15. Devette C dice:

    Sooooo….another new loot farming game with a short lifespan growing even shorter each day until a newer game or dlc drops…ok

  16. Ausghost dice:

    Y'all never grinded for anything and it really shows 😂

  17. I played about 3ish hours total of freeplay this morning on gm1 with 90% luck and only received 1 mw drop. Last week I'd see at least 2 mw with around 30ish luck. But after multiple dungeons, a couple of titans, quite a few public events, and to receive nothing but purple drops for almost 3 whole hours I wanted to chuck this fucking game out the window. Quit the game today after my first masterwork drop in what feels like a couple days outside of the guaranteed drops from strongholds and contracts. The loot system is beyond depressing.

  18. Fix the game bioware! It's PvE! Broken loot rolls won't kill the game as much as it would in aPvP game!

  19. Im giggling at the comment section, people have forgotten the JOY OF GRINDING. also in that statement, you dont know the grind until you remember Phantasy Star Online(including Blue Burst) version, and Phantasy Star Universe… Destinynis a grind…people want too much rapid success..instant gratification

  20. Boycott all you want, they already have your money.
    Entitled brats want everything now without having to actually work for it. Why not just make the game play itself and we can sit back and watch?

  21. There's still too much loot I want to enjoy playing this for a long time not get decked out in 100 hours

  22. Chris Walter dice:

    But have they fixed the problem of PS4s turning into bricks yet?

  23. l3God dice:

    Hey Kackis where did you go check that page at 10:36 ?

  24. people complain they nerfed the masterwork drop rate and still complain when they revert the change. you just cant please these kids.

  25. Scott Mason dice:

    Kackis-where as I agree that the drop rate needs to be increased, I chased one masterwork component for my interceptor for 3 days with no luck. But since this is a looter shooter, each tier of grandmaster needs to provide gear to make the player feel more powerful within that tier. For instance, players should be entering grandmaster 1 with purple gear, then when they get all masterworks, they should be entering grandmaster 2. Grandmaster 2 should be dropping gear with increased power to get those players entering grandmaster 3. Once entering grandmaster 3, the player should be doing their daily legendary contracts to get the gear, again with increased power levels, to get them into the strongholds on grandmaster 3. But as it is now, where is the incentive in playing grandmaster 2 or 3 if the power gained is equivalent to the gear being dropped on grandmaster 1. Not to mention the time played vs the gear dropped ratio. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and will continue playing it. Just my two cents.

  26. I liked Knights of the Old Republic. I liked Mass Effect (Yes, even Andromeda.)
    But Anthem… I want Anthem to succeed.

    As a Destiny player, I want Anthem to succeed more than anything.
    I wanted to reach down to Anthem and pull it to its feet so it could stand proud next to Borderlands, the Division, and Destiny as a looter-shooter cousin.

    I really did. But EA or Bioware, or whoever's pulling the strings seem to be content with slitting the game's throat before it can even walk on its own.

    Battlefield. Battlefront. And now Anthem. I don't know about the state of their sports games, but EA seems to challenge everything that says, "Hey, maybe this game will be better."

  27. Dj Dragneel dice:

    I'm all about the grind. I see your point but maybe increase those odds slightly when new stuff comes out but otherwise my stance stays the same. I'm okay with where it is. I'm not about having this game easier. Get in there grind and if you don't get what you want or like that day tough. Come back and do it again. That legendary drop will mean a lot more. If you are getting 3 legendary weapons and like 15 mw in a single session that's no fun to me. If people want to boycott fine but I'm still playing regardless

  28. Sam Green dice:

    I think they're turning that tap on to make ppl come back for a sec and then turning it off…

  29. With The Divisions 2 coming up, they need to get their act together, but they do not seem to realize that.

  30. The Truth dice:

    Could it be that the game is fuckin ass??? na, none of you idiots will ever admit that

  31. yes this update was horrible for loot. went from being fun time even with crashes and bugs to ugg now I gotta play 70+ hours a week to masterwork up. not even counting legendary bs. I run 2 rangers 1 col 2 storm and 1 inter and to gear them all up will take me a life time at this rate. I am went from salvaging white,green,blue,purple,(duplicate masterowork) to now only getting mostly purple and blue. I have gotten a few leg after drop but I get 1 or 2 per mission or stronghold depending on if mission is purple. and 95% of time is it leg or masterwork JUNK aka ones I have already. so guns and gear I instantly delete unless the inscriptions are better. 99% of the time they are not. as for components same thing even tho I would use more then one of them if I could but you can only equip one with same name so moot point. it tooke me a week to take my col from epic to master. I have spent a week already on ranger and I am only half way there thanks to update. and with the achievements not popping I am close to calling it on EA and writing bioware to leave EA and find another company

  32. Lyle Clark dice:

    Not only does the loot suck……..the game is STILL very glitchy. I get booted for failure to find pilot data about 50% of the time when starting a mission

  33. sephiroth726 dice:

    I really want this game to succeed, hopefully good news soon.

  34. Chris Korol dice:

    Soo i stupidly bought this game teo days ago after hearing about this great patch but now i hear its still traah and i hadnt even played it yet. Hopefully the accidental fun patch will be back. Dont they get the more fun a game is the more ppl will play and spread the word soo i dont get what there freaking logic is? Morons!

  35. IKARUS _ dice:

    I like the new system. And maybe the high loot time is a event?

  36. Heringfish02 dice:

    I think the people who really like the game should support it but everyone else has full right to stop paying attention to it because it's really not interesting right now

  37. Marcin K dice:

    i spended 40 hours to farm one module for interceptor and i dont get it… Thx anthem, maybe i go back to destiny or something else becouse i feel depres when i play anthem…

  38. I think that if they dont change loot by end of next week there will be no redemption for Anthem. I guess the reason for the stingy loot is to prolong your ability to mid max your character. Thier to blind to see they are killing the chance for players to return. Let's not BS here this games player base will be nonexistent here in a few weeks. Now someone who leaves a game because they have ran the content had blast and just need a break will come back for new content. Someone leaving the game pissed off over loot and tons of other issues means there not having a blast will not come back. This game is being managed so poorly its actually funny. Bioware is acting like they have a massive dedicated player base that is going no where. If this is truly Biowares decision on thier own for loot and it's not changed… shut them the heck down

  39. barry allen dice:

    Dude i've never seen one legendary un gm2 gm3….. Fuck this game

  40. KackisHD dice:

    Anthem is in a rough spot right now, problems like these need to be fixed ASAP.

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