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Apex Legends Is NOT Killing Fortnite… FORTNITE IS

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Apex Legends Is NOT Killing Fortnite… FORTNITE IS
Shout out to @AllHailProphet on twitter for the thumbnail!


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33 comentarios

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  6. Shybe dice:

    But hey at least we got bottle rockets which are already dead less than a week after release!

  7. Jacob9815 dice:

    “Apex has had an amazing marketing plan” what marketing plan they revealed the game in one day and dropped it the same day

  8. H i dice:

    Apex legends won’t kill fortnite. Time will. It kills everything. Look at all the older popular games’ static’s and it shows that; over the years they went down in popularity. Take minecraft for example. They were doing well up until 2015 and then they just started going down in popularity.

  9. Mr. Nubz dice:

    I think apex is going to die like how realm royale did

  10. Do a video of the problem fortnite and Apex legends have.

  11. HandSoap dice:

    100% thought the title was unfinished until i watched the video lmao

  12. Edwin Lopez dice:

    Does EA have more money than epic?

  13. Oh No no dice:

    Man you really are a trigged fortnite fanboy

  14. Apex Hub dice:

    Anyone else like Apex Legends? Like for Apex Legends Comment for Fortnite

  15. Epsilon dice:

    If they add a Ranked lobbies I'll play Fortnite again, im sick and tired of dying to people who have no life building the trump tower on me just to jump down…

  16. supirse soup dice:

    I think a lot of people are tried of fortnite because of the tryhards
    Fortnite needs a ranking system
    New player and also average players cant deal with the tryhards

  17. TheGodGaming dice:

    Honestly, its not just fortnite problems. Its nice to have another game, it is much more enjoyable. And apex legends has very few problems, havent experienced any glitches, servers went down for like 30 minutes, and sometime you lag out, but what can you expect from such a big game upon release.

  18. Outlawz Loot dice:

    Now change your name to the apex guy

  19. Gnome dice:

    I love both of these games. But like fortnite, apex right now is easy and fun. Wait a couple months the game will be full of tryhards and be completely unbalanced and I’ll hate both of the games and go back to madden and older CODs

  20. Apex have to create a better server system and fortnite needs to debuff or buff guns or make there server less laggy when specting other player. That's my opinion. Comment what's your opinion is?

  21. Cardo X3 dice:

    Yes I agree fortnite has killed them selfs but
    we can all agree that apex is fucking sick 😄

  22. Q King dice:

    Apex is better. Fortnut should've died a long time ago. Apex might not kill it but Anthem will, period.

  23. Boofy Goat dice:

    Season 8 is coming. That will kill the Apex hype. Overhyped and not very fun. Think about the kids lmao.

  24. its funny how "The Fortnite Guy" is talking

  25. Medo Gaming dice:

    Brh my dad was right next to me when that model popped up. Iwas 💀

  26. Adan TSF dice:

    Oh forgot this I channel full of fortnite virgins

  27. I still can’t believe ea brought out a shooter

  28. Hopefully now with some competition fortnite will finally listen and fix the game

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