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13 Anime MMORPGs You Should At Least Try In 2019

Posted by @Juegos on enero - 11 - 2019

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⌖ Back in October 2018 I did a video titled “The Only Anime MMORPGs & MMOs Left Worth Playing In 2018 And 2019”.
It ended up getting over 320,000 views, over 5 and a half thousand likes, and thousands of comments.
I noticed some of the games in the comments I hadn’t played very much of, if any at all, and came to the conclusion that I’d included a few games in that list that honestly aren’t worth populating a list of Anime MMOs currently worth playing in 2019 with.
So allow me to provide you all with a slightly larger, more inclusive list of Anime MMOs now that I’ve had the opportunity to play through each and every one of these in more detail.

⌖ Play These MMORPGs Online:

⌖ Burning Soul Worker:
⌖ Phantasy Star Online 2:
⌖ Eden Eternal Represalia:
⌖ Dungeon Fighter Online:
⌖ Mabinogi:
⌖ Code Closers:
⌖ Tree of Savior:
⌖ NosTale Represalia:
⌖ KurtzPel:
⌖ Pokemon Revolution Online:
⌖ Void Elsword:
⌖ Kritika Online:
⌖ Final Fantasy XIV:

⌖ 13 Anime MMORPGs You Should At Least Try In 2019:


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46 comentarios

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    The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe.
    Always follow your heart.

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  8. So… because I'm gay, I won't like Closers?

  9. Mariano dice:

    Tree of savior unplayable, i loved the game but had to leave it because is so much pay to win, more than any other game i played and the trend was making it worse each month even after two weeks some updates made it worse. At some point only whales could succeed acceptably in this game. Don't play it.

  10. Yoh Winter dice:

    kurzpel is the best but everytime solong waiting at asia games till there comes too eu sucks much till the games come the comunity play better games xD

  11. Jacob Womack dice:

    I'm always confused on why Dragon Nest is never in lists like this. Like, the combat is BY FAR the best combat I've seen to date. I'd put it way over all of the games you've put on this list

  12. Burning Soul Worker has a big IP block so if your country is not on the list good luck

  13. Sry but chinese Cartoons or how you call them anime are meant to exploit Little Children,
    While you support chinese ind. , you support communism!
    Not sure why so many grown up watch and promote chinese cartoons are you all brainwashed or whats wrong with you?
    I am not attacking you, i just hope you do realize that it is bad and you should change thx.

  14. Saiite dice:

    >rails against pay to win and calling them crap
    >promotes mabinogi


  15. MrZincosti dice:

    Is Burning Soul Worker playable from NA?

  16. LeonardDesu dice:

    i can't even download kurtzpel

  17. White Barney dice:

    Hey buddy. If you said that MMORPG. hope the video is a MMORPG only. Why there are MMOS. Im disappointed.
    TIP : VinIsHere videos are the most awesome for videogames!

  18. I always get confused when you recommend "Burning SoulWorker", is there a difference to the "SoulWorker" on steam?

  19. Some of the game kinder take my interest. I'll check it out. U are great at choosing the games and the top game. Now I'm no longer bored anymore Thx u.

  20. OathOblivio dice:

    Shout out to that nightcore Garnidelia closing song so gud

  21. UnknownMarch dice:

    Feel like info a bit out-dated on Elsword if you're still promoting Private Void Elsword that loves to rip updates from developers and at this point is losing players due to newest content on Elsword NA that they will get in a half a year before they go back to being a ghost town again at some point (well, a bit of exaggeration butt, it's similar delays anyway for "big patch update!").
    Or is it just personal hate towards KoG Games…(No it is not an attack, sorry if it sounded like that.)
    Almost all Elsword official servers are only 1-2 weeks behind Elsword KR (KoG = Developers).
    Official Elsword servers (apart GameForge… cuz why not let's be the only publisher to stick the merged servers 6 months behind updates) are pretty much F2P now as long as you can dedicate time to grind and gear up, it is not Pay To Win anymore it's more of Pay for a quick transition to end-game. Extra Skill Slot can be bought with ED in ED Shop same goes for pets and pet pick up aura and some other stuff, with enough of grinding you can get BlackSmith profession to Lvl 10 and have quite a higher chance at Scrolls that are higher than +9. Worst case just grind for valuable items and sell them for Upgrade Scrolls from other Players that do want to invest into the game. Ice Burners are Pay to Get everywhere so… not even gonna touch upon that.
    Void Elsword only offers you to reach the End-Game Faster because it force-feeds you everything for free (apart Upgrades, you're still Pay To Win with upgrades above +11 regardless of the server you're playing in.). Mostly why I call Void Elsword a "test out" or "PvP" server, I'm not sure why people like to reach end-game in 1 day when they have no idea how the game works.
    Saw someone mentioned community management, I can't talk about Elsword NA that's run by KoG Games
    but at least on GameForge Elsword EU (or at least I can gurantee Elsword EN Community management) never bans anyone for no reason. If you did something that's not allowed, it's on you if you get banned, if it by some chance does happen and you are 100% sure you did nothing, you are free to appeal just like in any other server.
    Management are Volunteers, so I can't really say that, GameForge really has a hand in Community Management apart *da rules*. ( advertisement for randoms: Join Elsword EU EN version :c we need players, only 20 or so active EN players is scary compared to other language communities after the merge).
    speaking about GF Elsword EU.
    Only bad thing about this server is just that the content is around 6 month-ish behind the KR content unlike other servers that are 1-2 weeks behind >.>.
    But that content usually comes bugged one way or another but it… mostly? I think mostly can be used, does not break the game :D… insert nervous laughter
    Though, Community management can be horrible anywhere, even in Void Elsword, it just depends on question when and was it hidden or not.

    P.S. Join me in my suffering and waiting for that Rossou raid at GameForge Elsword EU (specifically English version community and not any other :c ), I'll give you pancakes???
    P.S.S Sorry, it sounds like an ad.
    P.S.S.S Do not hurt me, I bruise easily.

  22. Pygmy Puff dice:

    Soul Worker was a good one. A bit repetitive, but I like the concept.

  23. Glassbreaker dice:

    All oriental mmo looks like anime. LOL

  24. Yomi Sama dice:

    The video was good until you mentioned Void Elsword and completely dissed Official server. You clearly haven't played Officials recently.

  25. talon24 dice:

    mabinogi used to be good, until reforging became a thing…then all good end game gear required like 100 or more reforging tools to make…at 5 bucks for 10 iirc, a full set costs around 500 bucks worth of tools which only come from the cash shop (well randomly from events sometimes, but rarly).
    So the game went solid in pay to win category.
    Problem is mabi used to be where gear was almost irrelevant, your build, skills, and player skill was all that mattered. So greed ruined the best mmo sandbox out there.

  26. StudentYaoi dice:

    Very good upload, thanks man!

  27. RaptorJesús dice:

    Meh, only three of these games really qualify as Anime and those are japanese. The rest is trash

  28. Any anime style mmorpg for android mobile?

  29. DMT IAG dice:

    Final Fantasy 14 is only worth playing. It has story content beatiful graphics and game play combat I like. Rest are thrash big tits or tits in general I got hentai for that lol.

  30. scott gutz dice:

    out of the list FF XIV, BSW, and Kritika only ones really worth playing. Rest is just a bounce in and out when people just log to play a game while they take a break from a main. So many companies focus still with phone apps games, no wonder on the money people with spend on them. All the players on PC just have to wait it out while half complete games come at us to be fixed.

  31. Huskyy dice:

    i don't know if i should go back to soul worker again. i played it last time like 8 months ago on steam (70 hours). is it worth to download now the burning soul worker version?

  32. kAsi dice:

    But which one has the highest playerbase currently?

  33. dougfax dice:

    Well I changed my mind about Burning Soul Worker, since I'm addicted to cosmedics in MMORPGS, once I knew the cooler ones are from lootboxes, I left the game before I toss money into it, if the lootboxes had cosmedics only I would be fine, but its not like that, it contains some useless shit on it, lootboxes are evil and its only pourpose is to suck money from addicted people like me

  34. Hans Peter dice:

    Instead of Pokemon Revolution i would recomment PokeOne.PokeOne is the reworked version of Revolution.

  35. for everyone that want to play phantasy star online 2 —->
    use the tweaker, in their launcher they have the option to automatically install the eng patch
    u r welcome 😉

  36. i personally think pirate games online (pirate king online/ tales of pirate ) private server on this list they are having a merge this coming january 27 and it will make the current server more competitive than before, i watched you guys play that game so i was able to get back on playing pko.. hope to see you guys on the game when the merge starts.

  37. I played Mabinogi before, and imo Black Desert Online (Remastered) is a lot better! More intricate and more up to date. Mabinogi was cool, if you could manage to find people to play with.

  38. 日本語話者だってば、その心配がいらないです

  39. My life is black desert, fuck everything else from Phantasy Star 2

  40. Terashi dice:

    The problem I have with anime mmos is that the classes or races or whatever are always prebuilt characters with their own backstories that usually use the default design for them in cutscenes regardless of how you customize them.

    If an anime mmo was designed to let you play your own character and could run under 4gb, I'd play it.

  41. MMOByte dice:

    ⌖ Play These MMORPGs Online:

    ⌖ Burning Soul Worker:

    ⌖ Phantasy Star Online 2:

    ⌖ Eden Eternal Vendetta:

    ⌖ Dungeon Fighter Online:

    ⌖ Mabinogi:

    ⌖ Code Closers:

    ⌖ Tree of Savior:

    ⌖ NosTale Vendetta:

    ⌖ KurtzPel:

    ⌖ Pokemon Revolution Online:

    ⌖ Void Elsword:

    ⌖ Kritika Online:

    ⌖ Final Fantasy XIV:

    ⌖ Read more about each of these games:

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